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PSA asks respondents to cooperate in fisheries, agri census

DAVAO  DEL NORTE (PIA) -- The Philippine Statistical Authority (PSA) is asking for the cooperation of the respondents during the conduct of Census on Agriculture and Fisheries (CAF) by providing accurate information to the enumerators.

In the special Kapihan sa DavNor edition aired over PTV DavNor48 on Aug. 30, PSA Davao del Norte Chief Statistical Specialist Pepito D. Amoyen said PSA CAF enumerators would duly be recognized as they bear a Civil Service standard size identification  card of PSA.

“Dali man sila mailhan kay dagko man sila ug ID para dali makita (They can be easily identified as they will be carrying big IDs that can easily be seen),” Amoyen said while assuring the public that the PSA CAF enumerators will only be asking a query pertinent to agriculture and fisheries sectors, and no very personal information shall be drawn from them except the basic demographic information.

He added that the enumerators have been made aware of their responsibility to observe and follow the protocols of the Data Privacy Law  10173, otherwise known as the “Data Privacy Act,” which is the Philippine law that seeks to protect all forms of information, be it private, personal, or sensitive.

“That is part of their contract; and in case they fail to observe the data privacy, that is a breach of their contract, and there is a corresponding penalty,” Amoyen said.

PSA will start the CAF rollout nationwide on September 4, 2023 until October 25, 2023. The conduct of such census is  based on the mandate of the Republic Act 10625, otherwise known as the Philippine Statistical Act of 2013.

Amoyen explained that this census is geared towards “the collection and compilation of basic information on agriculture and fishery sectors in the country, as important bases of policies, plans, and programs for the country’s socio-economic development.”

The census seeks to determine the structural characteristics of agriculture and fisheries sectors in the country; provide the sampling frame for the conduct of periodic  agricultural and fishery survey;  provide basic information on the crop farming, livestock, poultry and aquaculture, and fishing operations; and provide basic data on agricultural and fisheries facilities and services in the barangay.

This census is barangay-based but only the sampled barangays are subject to it. In Davao del Norte, PSA  will roll out the CAF in 60 barangays only per standard selection undertaken by PSA Central Office, based on the information relayed by Michelle O. Maningo, PSA Davao del Norte supervising statistical specialist.  (JMDA/PIA Davao del Norte)  

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