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Calamba marks 136th birth anniversary of war hero General Vicente Lim

A descendant of the decorated World War II hero Brigadier General Vicente P. Lim on Feb. 24 paid tribute to the legacy left by her great-grandfather during his 136th birth anniversary celebration in Calamba City, Laguna.

Held at the ruins of Gen. Lim’s ancestral property, just a few blocks away from the house of Calamba’s other patriot son, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, Beatriz Pilar Lim highlighted that Lim’s bravery shown against colonial aggression was ignited by love.

Vicente Lim, born on February 24, 1888, in Calamba, Laguna showed his patriotism and sense of duty to the country at a young age of 14 when he volunteered for the guerilla movement of General Miguel Malvar.

Lim was also recognized as the first Filipino to graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point, one of the founders of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, and led the 41st Infantry Division, Philippine Army, United States Army Forces in the Far East (USAFFE) who became instrumental to the heroic defense of the Philippines against the Japanese forces.

What was left of Brigadier General Vicente Lim's ancestral property in Calamba is the staircase of their home, where the general's love for country started at a young age of 14. (Christopher Hedreyda/PIA-Laguna)

The general was also a staunch defender of equal rights for the Filipino soldiers serving in the US Army to have an equal pay and representation for his countrymen.

Lim married Pilar-Hidalgo Lim and they had six children.

Beatriz Lim, a fourth-generation Lim, recounts all of these by pointing out that Gen. Lim would not have been a successful war-time general if he had not been ‘in love’.

“He was able to accomplish these and more because he loved his wife, he loved his family, his children, he loved his soldiers in his division, he loved his country so very much, and he loved the promise of a future where people will be able to stand equal and free,” Lim said.

Growing up, Beatriz said that her entire family was raised with the mantra of ‘duty, honor, and country’ as a tribute to Lim’s beliefs while serving in the Army. She recalled how much of a family man the general was, and how this resulted in a much greater purpose to fight for the cause of Philippine independence.

Beatriz Lim, a descendant of General Lim, paid tribute to the legacy left by her great-grandfather and recounts some of the heroic actions done by the war hero. (Christopher Hedreyda/PIA-Laguna)

She believes that patriotism and love for the country should start at a young age and be instilled by parents to their children.

“We all know that patriotism and love for country starts with the family. The values, the principles, and the big fight for our freedom, all of those start within our homes.”

Beatriz addressed the public, saying that the fight for the nation’s independence continues, and it’s up to us to value and love it for the sake of the next generation of Filipinos.

“So, what should we do with this independence? We may live our lives and enjoy it, with the independence that we have by protecting it fiercely, and we pay it forward, and we love big. At the end of the day, love should be our number one priority in life.”

Descendants of Brigadier General Vicente Lim. (Christopher Hedreyda/PIA-Laguna)

She enjoined every Filipino to embody the love shown by Lim and the rest of Filipino heroes and veterans who fought during the war.

“I reflect on this big love and ask you to do the same. Lolo Vicente, like thousands of brave men and women, our veterans, all of them fought to the death for our independence so we may live this life and enjoy it.”

Beatriz said that she, along with the rest of her family, will continue to share stories that will inspire and ignite the flame of patriotism, which embodies their belief that the ‘Filipino is worth fighting for’. (CH/PIA-Laguna)

Beatriz Lim said that the fight for the nation’s independence continues, and it’s up to us to value and love it for the sake of the next generation of Filipinos. (Christopher Hedreyda/PIA-Laguna)

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