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Local, int'l teams all set to join 2023 La Routa Adventure Race in Biliran

NAVAL, Biliran (PIA) – At least eight international teams and an equal number of local group enthusiasts from various parts of the country have already registered to join the La Routa Adventure Race which will be held in Biliran province on November 20-24, 2023.

This was disclosed by Jason Garrido, La Routa lead organizer, in an interview with the Philippine Information Agency.

Garrido revealed that the foreign teams participating in the event include Nonstop Adventure of Poland, FEAR Youth from New Zealand, Team Chomolungma from Japan, KBS Adventure Race Team and Team Skomad ADV from Malaysia, and SkyRunners, Team Shershah, and an additional team from India.

The Biliran La Routa Adventure Race 2023, now affiliated with the Adventure Racing World Series (ARWS), is the ARWS’ Asia Series Championship Leg.

Notably, among the participating international teams, SkyRunners and Team Shershah of India have already qualified and have gained entry for the Asia Series Regional Championship 2023 for winning the previously conducted adventure series in Asia.

Meanwhile, local participating teams  that have already registered include Team Dirt Adventure Racing, Team Old’s Cool, and TEAM APLOT. Additionally,  teams from various regions such as Cebu, Bohol, General Santos, and other parts of the country expressed interest in registering before the deadline on October 30.

Each team, composed of four individuals, will navigate some 363 kilometers distance, an estimated three-and-a-half-day, non-stop challenge. This demanding adventure will require expertise in various disciplines, including trekking, swimming, paddling, climbing, and rappelling. The participants will navigate using a topographic map, specifically a 1960 US Army map, along with a compass to locate strategically positioned control points throughout the course.

Kayaking is one of thệ disciplines in the La Routa adventure race which will be held in Biliran province on November 20-24, 2023. (Photo courtesy of ARWS)

A hint of what’s ahead

During an online guest appearance on October 1,  where an international audience tuned in via the ARWS Instagram account, Garrido provided a sneak peek—a partial glimpse—of the route. The session was hosted by Ajita, the race director from India who oversees ARWS social media.

The La Routa Adventure Race 2023 is structured into three categories: Elite, Candidate, and Aspirants, providing opportunities for varying levels of experience and skill among the participants.

The race will offer a dynamic and unpredictable adventure as there is no fixed route to follow, embodying a point-to-point thrill for the participants. The course includes reaching an impressive highest elevation of 1,000 meters while traversing through dense forests.

Garrido emphasized the importance of safety gear for all participants across the various challenging activities. Specifically, during the ocean swim segment involving passage over open waters, all participants are required to wear life jackets. The event will also be canceled in the event of a typhoon to ensure the safety of all involved.

Team members in one of the adventure races study the route maps to ensure accuracy of their navigation to reach the exact point on time. ( Photo courtesy from ARWS)

Potential benefits

According to Garrido, the La Routa Adventure Race 2023 will bring significant benefits to Biliran province. This will provide extensive exposure for the province on the international stage. Adventure racing enthusiasts from around the world will closely monitor the event through the ARWS online platform, thereby showcasing Biliran to a global audience.

Moreover, the event will have a positive impact on the local economy. The influx of both foreign and local tourists attending the race will contribute to the economic growth of the province. Garrido mentioned that an estimated 250 to 300 individuals, including organizers, marshals, team members, guests, and other interested parties, will converge in Biliran, further stimulating the local economy.

This thrilling adventure race will be conducted in close coordination with the Department of Tourism (DOT) Region 8 through Regional Director Karina Rosa S. Tiopes, the Biliran Provincial Tourism Office through Dionisio Oliva Jr., the provincial tourism officer, and Governor Gerard Roger M. Espina to ensure the successful execution of the event. (MMP/RSV/PIA Biliran)

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