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Media literacy caravan in Tacloban empowers youth to fight against fake news

TACLOBAN CITY (PIA) — Campus journalists expressed their gratitude to the Presidential Communications Office (PCO), along with its attached agencies, for organizing a two-day CommUnity campus caravan from Feb. 19 to 20 at the Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU), Tacloban City.

According to Communications Undersecretary Emerald Ridao, the campus caravan is a crucial way to connect with the youth, particularly those who are still in school.

She added that they launched this initiative to educate students on the significance of media and information literacy and the need to be discerning about fake news,  misinformation, and disinformation, which are rampant across various social media platforms. They also incorporated education about the government's activities into their communications office.

Two campus journalists of the Eastern Visayas State University expressed their gratitude to the caravan. (Photo: PIA Eastern Visayas)

Meraflor O. Pecore, the associate editor of the university's Student Publication Office, said the caravan provided her with new learnings and insights that are very helpful for student writers.

“For me po, nakakataba ng puso that they can extend their resources towards especially us here, sa small community—our university—and there are lots of students who have potential in writing and journalistic skills; it’s not just about us—the members of the student publication office; there are lots of organizations where they also share events, they share information, and that they are able to extend towards us; nakakataba ng puso, and we learned a lot from them. So, thank you so much for coming to us,” Pecore said.

[I am touched that they were able to offer their resources to us here in our small community, particularly our university. Many students have potential in writing and journalism, and it's about more than just us in the student publication office. There are numerous organizations where they also share events and information. Their willingness to help us has warmed our hearts, and we have learned much from them. Thank you so much for reaching out to us.]

EVSU students posed for a group photo with Undersecretary Emerald Ridao of the Presidential Communications Office (PCO). (Photo: PIA Eastern Visayas)

Mark Angelo C. Barbo, also a campus journalist, agreed with what Pecore said.

“We were able to learn new things and acquire new insights at napalawak pa namin ang aming kaalaman tungkol sa paglalahad at pagbabalita ng tama,” Barbo said.

Aira Mae D. Sabay, an education student, also shared her thoughts on the caravan.

“The forum was very informative, from media literacy to digitalization. It helps us to be responsible in everything we do and be more aware now,” Sabay added.

During her talk on media and information literacy delivered to the students at EVSU, Ridao emphasized the crucial role of the youth in becoming responsible sharers of information.

She advised them to refrain from sharing and posting unverified information on various social media platforms to prevent spreading fake news and misinformation.

She highlighted that the virality of information on social media does not guarantee the truth. Therefore, it is imperative to corroborate the information with other reliable sources to confirm its accuracy.

The event was attended by other PCO-attached agencies, including People's Television Network, Bureau of Broadcast Services, Radyo Pilipinas, Philippine Information Agency, Philippine News Agency, and Radio Television Malacañang.

The next campus caravan in the city will be held at Leyte Normal University from Feb. 22 to 23. (AAC/CBA/PIA Eastern Visayas)

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