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PBBM honors the elderly, Filipino artists as he signs into law measures aimed at protecting their rights, advancing their welfare

MANILA -- President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. signed into law on Monday two important legislations aimed at protecting the rights and promoting the development of the Filipino creative minds, as well as the Octogenarians and Nonagenarians.

“Today, it’s my honor to sign into law two bills, which do not only honor two key sectors of society, but mandate measures that protect their rights and promote their development,” President Marcos said in his speech during the signing of the two bills at the Ceremonial Hall, Malacañan Palace.

President Marcos signed into law Republic Act 11981, or the Tatak Pinoy (Proudly Filipino) Act, and RA 11982, granting benefits to Octogenarians and Nonagenarians..

Tatak Pinoy (Proudly Filipino) Act upholds inclusive economic growth and development in the country by encouraging, supporting, and promoting the production and offering of local products and services of increasing diversity, sophistication, and quality by domestic enterprises that are globally competitive.

“Each of these laws encapsulates the merits that the Bagong Pilipinas upholds toward building a strong nation. For example, the Tatak Pinoy Act is about investing in Filipino competence and talent. That genius and gift must be supported, not by exhortation alone but by true, tangible support,” President Marcos said.

The President said “Tatak Pinoy” is more than a branding exercise as it is about giving incentives to local products that deserve to carry the “Made in the Philippines” trademark, showing the creativity and skills of the Filipino worker.

“It is about creating products and services of the highest quality, because Tatak Pinoy is also about excellence, and as a seal of great workmanship, it must only be applied to those that meet this high standard. As such, we shall give preference and priority to our products,” Marcos said.

On the other hand, the Grant of Benefits to Filipino Octogenarians expands the coverage of RA 10868, or the Centenarians Act of 2016, to include all Filipinos, whether residing in the Philippines or abroad to be a recipient of a cash gift worth PhP10,000 upon reaching the age of 80 and every five years thereafter, or until the age of 95.

The President also explained the expansion of the coverage of the Centenarians Act is a homage to the Filipino trait of compassion, and in the Philippine culture, this shows more kindness and compassion to the elderly.

“We do, after all, stand on the shoulders of these giants,” President Marcos remarked.

“But they deserve more than cash in an envelope. What they should get is a support infrastructure that every society owes to its greying population. There were already close to 10 million seniors two years ago … But as this demographic enlarges, the societal facilities that attend to them should be expanded as well,” he added.

President Marcos congratulated both the Senate and the House of Representatives for the laws enacted, saying that their collaborative efforts once again proved “the tenet that bicameralism was designed to bring together the brilliance of two bodies through compromise. (PND)

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