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An Iconic Woman in Uniform

Gone are the days that women are only envisioned to become homemakers. Women of today are now cognizant of their rights and further driven to develop their own potentials. As time goes by, women are becoming more empowered, knowing, and capable of making their own decisions of which path to take and which line of profession to pursue.

Belonging in a profession dominated by men, Acting Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Luisita G. Clavecillas of the 3rd Civil-Military Operations (Peacemaker) Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division of the Philippine Army, has proven that beyond the conventional thinking, women has also the capacity to serve and help in sparking change to the community.

Having been recently bestowed with the Asia's Honorable Woman in the Field of Military Services Award by the Asia’s Golden Icons Awards, Clavecillas became an embodiment of a women leader who is willing to take on the hurdles in the name of rendering public service as she wears different hats as a woman leader, a daughter to her family, and a mother herself.

The Asia’s Golden Icon Awards is a way of recognizing individual achievers or entities that have significant impact in the community or those that have shown excellence in their respective areas of expertise.

According to Clavecillas, she draws inspiration in the pursuit of her job from her family who became her backbone to enter the military service.

Clavecillas said her father who was formerly a part of the Philippine Constabulary inspired her to enter the Army, highly emphasizing his evident sincerity in service.

“I admired my father’s dedication in public service and I always look up to him because despite his meager salary then, he was able to finance the six of us and made us the people that we want us to be,” shared Clavecillas.

She further imparted that her mother, who was a public teacher, showed her the importance of education, while her sister, who is also active now in the military service, pushed her to go beyond the boundaries of every woman.

“These two women in my life showed me that we, being women, are capable of helping our community and government to prosper,” added Clavecillas.

Likewise, she shared the three important values she continuously takes to life and these are selfless service, personal courage, and self-realization.

“We shall always take selfless service in our hearts and minds as public servants. Admittedly, as a mother of three children, handling a commandership position is a heavy task because I had to compromise time with my family in order to carry out my responsibilities,” Clavecillas cited.

However, she believed that having personal courage to take on the challenges in both personal and professional life and fully understanding the nature of a noble job which only a few dares to accept, are the key elements she constantly carries as a military woman.

Known to be very articulate in expressing the message of the government in achieving sustainable peace and harmony in the region, she emphasized the important role of every woman in public service that highly contributes to nation-building.

Thus, Clavecillas leaves an important piece of advice to the younger generation which is to always think, build awareness by accessing the right information, and reinforce knowledge with proper guidance that basically starts at home.

Clavecillas is just among the iconic women in uniform who fearlessly dared to take a leap beyond the traditional viewpoint that cages women in the picture of becoming just homemakers.

Her success in the military field is a proof that women of today are more than capable and empowered to spur transformation not only in the community but in the entire country. (JBG/AGP/PIA 6)

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