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What to expect from the ‘Love the Philippines’ campaign?

The Department of Tourism (DOT) recently unveiled a new tourism campaign slogan “Love the Philippines,” replacing the 11-year-old “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” brand in a bid to offer not only fun, but also meaningful travel experience. 

“Love the Philippines goes to the very heart of every single Filipino. With the distinct grace and hospitality with which we welcome every guest that comes into our shores, our communities, and our homes,” Tourism Sec. Christina Garcia-Frasco said during the launch in Manila, emphasizing that with this initiative, the country intends to showcase the many reasons to love the Philippines, besides the leisure and fun aspect.

“Love the Philippines is a recognition of our assets, our long history, our rich culture, and diversity,” she added.

The Philippines holds fiestas the whole year round.

‘Yung Love the Philippines is an effort para naman mabigyan natin ‘yung ating bansa ng pagkakataon na i-market natin sya dito at sa buong mundo. Not just on the aspect of fun, but on all the other aspects of our beautiful country including our culture, heritage, food, people, our various activities, talents, indigenous people. There are so many reasons to love the Philippines,” she further said. 

Frasco also noted the excitement the Filipinos expressed as a response to the new campaign and assured the public that it is just the start of many tourism enhancement initiatives. She hopes that it will be a sustainable campaign highlighting every corner of the country.

What to expect? 

Meaningful Experience

According to DDB Group Philippines’ Brand and Strategic Planner Marie Adriano, who led the creation of the idea, the new campaign reflects the changing travel landscape where tourists of the post-pandemic seek to travel for meaningful and real-world experiences. 

“We call them the ‘changed traveler’ for the very reason that traveling has come to mean more than just leisure,” she said. She also added that changed travelers look for experiences that are unique and where they can immerse themselves in other cultures.

Have fun and adventure, from diving to wall climbing in different parts of the archipelago.

It can be remembered that the DOT launched the Philippine Experience and Bisita Be My Guest program in the first quarter of 2023, centered around the extraordinary identity of Filipinos and its defining cultural values and attributes as a nation. 


In the released promotional video of Love the Philippines, it highlights the different aspects the country has to offer, including adventure. Included in the tourism efforts of the administration is the exploration of unpopular destinations in the country.

Last May 28, 2023, the DOT National Capital Region recently launched the “Hop On, Hop Off (HOHO): Travel by the Hubs” in Makati City that provided convenient transportation to tourists interested in exploring the uncharted tourist spots inside the 17 cities in the National Capital Region. 

The Department of Tourism, led by Sec. Christina Garcia-Frasco, launched the Hop-On, Hop-Off (HOHO) Travel by the Hubs in Makati City

Accordingly, Tourism Chief Frasco said that the HOHO tourism bus will be duplicated in other regions. 


The Philippines is a foodie's paradise. Each of its 17 regions is blessed with an abundance of seafood, vegetables, fruits, and exotic ingredients. This diversity of produce has given rise to a wide variety of delicious and colorful dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Mouth-watering authentic Filipino Food served in Filipino cuisine restaurants.

With more than 7,000 islands, travelers can expect a ton of delicious and colorful dishes and gastronomic adventures.


Did you know that each day there is one fiesta celebrated in the Philippines? Either in a province, city, municipality, or even barangay or village. Fiestas are a major event in the country and a time for people to come together to celebrate their faith, culture, and community.

Religious festivals and old churches are also tourist attractions in different parts of country.

Fiestas are usually held in honor of the town's patron saint. The festivities typically start with a religious procession, followed by a week of activities such as street dancing, beauty pageants, concerts, and food fairs.

The huge Philippine flag is regularly hoisted every Independence Day (June 12).

The Philippines is a land of rich natural beauty and cultural diversity. From the ancient walls of Intramuros in Manila to the revolving tower restaurant in Pasig City, to the white-sand beach of Manila Bay, there is something for everyone to love in the Philippines. 

The country is also home to a vibrant culture that is a blend of Malay, Chinese, Spanish, and American influences.

But the Philippines is more than just a beautiful place to visit. It is also a country with a rich history and a proud people. The Philippines has been through a lot in its history, but it has always emerged stronger. The Filipino people are known for their resilience, their hospitality, and their love of life.

Philippines’ National hero, Jose Rizal is honored annually in Luneta Park, Manila City every 30th of December.

“There is so much more to the Philippines than the fun and adventure that we have so far articulated to the world. Fore the Philippines is a powerhouse of mega biodiversity, being only one of 18 mega biodiverse countries in the world. A deep well of culture and history, a profound burst and taste of flavor and gastronomy, a tapestry of indigenous peoples and creative communities whose work of their hands have safeguarded the dignity and integrity of the Filipino identity,” Sec. Frasco said. (PIA-NCR)

Tourist-friendly and hospitable FIlipinos are ready to welcome you in your next adventure in the Philippines


Photos by Darwin Gernale / DOT / Canva / The Philippines FB

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