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Feature: NDRM 2023: A month of Filipino strength, unity

MISAMIS ORIENTAL (PIA)--In the heart of the Philippine archipelago, a nation unites to confront its most formidable foe: natural disasters.

July marks the start of National Risk Reduction Month (NDRM), a crucial initiative to raise awareness, preparedness, and resilience among the Filipino people in the face of calamities.

Northern Mindanao has always been prone to typhoons, earthquakes, landslides, and volcanic eruptions. However, the catastrophic events of recent years have highlighted the urgent need to enhance disaster risk reduction efforts.

This year's National Risk Reduction Month comes with a renewed sense of commitment aimed at prioritizing the well-being of every Filipino, recognizing its pivotal role in fostering a disaster-resilient society. The government, non-governmental organizations, private businesses, and ordinary citizens join hands to promote the theme "Bidang Pilipino: Building a Stronger Filipino Well-Being towards Disaster Resilience."

First responders showcase their various lifesaving apparatus in this year's NDRM exhibit. (OCD-10 Photo)

One of the central activities of the month-long campaign is the conduct of disaster preparedness drills in different provinces. From urban centers to remote provinces, schools, offices, and communities participate in simulations of various disaster scenarios. These drills equip people with life-saving skills and foster a culture of readiness and unity in the face of adversity.

The Regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation Council (RDRRMC)-10 also spearheaded educational seminars and workshops across various sectors to disseminate valuable information about risk reduction measures. Experts shared their knowledge on disaster-resistant construction techniques, early warning systems, and the importance of conserving natural resources to mitigate environmental hazards.

Through various media campaigns, the citizens of Northern Mindanao are also encouraged to take a more proactive role in risk reduction. Radio and television broadcasts and social media platforms are utilized to disseminate emergency guidelines, evacuation plans, and tips on creating family emergency kits. The power of information, combined with community action, empowers individuals to be agents of change in their neighborhoods.

The Office of Civil Defense (OCD)-10 provided Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials to students who were visiting this year's NDRM exhibit. (OCD-10 Photo)

"Filipinos are naturally resilient; we have the drive to thrive despite our geographical disadvantages, and I believe that it is an admirable trait. Our National Risk Reduction Month serves to remind and unify our countrymen towards a more strong and resilient society," RDRRMC-10 Chairperson and Office of Civil Defense (OCD)-10 Regional Director Antonio B. Sugarol said.

In a nation accustomed to battling the forces of nature, the people of northern Mindanao are embracing the challenges that lie ahead. National Risk Reduction Month 2023 exemplifies the Filipino spirit of hope, resilience, and solidarity—qualities that will undoubtedly carry the country through even the darkest of storms. (VPSB/PIA-10/Misamis Oriental)

As part of their media campaign, a one-day DRRM training was held for the local media and bloggers. (OCD-10 Photo)
A NDRM 2023 held a "Kapihan" on the importance of Disaster Reilience. (JAKA/PIA-10)
Northern Mindanao formally kick-off the celebration of the National Disaster Resilience Month 2023 through a Fun Run dubbed “Run for Resilience.” (PIA-10 photo)

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