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Tboli’s public terminal: A gateway to enhance connectivity

In a remarkable stride towards modernizing and streamlining public transportation, the local government of Tboli is confident that its Integrated Public Transport Terminal, a sophisticated, brand-new facility, has the potential to elevate the commuting experience of locals and visitors alike.

With its establishment, the local government has also seen better opportunities to stir more economic activity in this culture-rich and vibrant town.

Photo: Tboli Municipal Government

Features of the Facility

Taking inspiration from Singapore’s Changi Airport and blending some elements of Tboli culture, the new public terminal brings together modern aesthetics and a harmonious balance between timeless appeal and traditional design.

The P120 million-worth of terminal building funded by the Land Bank of the Philippines in 2022 via loan is expected to be fully operational this August.

Mayor Keo Dayle Tuan described the facility as "modern yet traditional" because it features not just a two-storey terminal building but it also has its own helipad.

"This is the only public terminal in the province that has an elevator, and we also have a helipad, which VIPs and other visitors can use when they visit the municipality," Mayor Tuan expressed delightedly.

The terminal, which boasts 29 stalls for business enterprises, wide parking, waiting areas, and restrooms, is designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for passengers, whether local or foreign.

Photo: Tboli Municipal Government

Gateway to Enhance Connectivity

Mayor Tuan said the new public transport terminal is more than just a structure, it also represents a gateway to enhance connectivity within the region and the entire country as well.

“The town is booming. We see that Tboli is being competitive when it comes to economic enterprise. Our population is increasing, and national roads leading to other towns and General Santos City are being opened,” he noted.

With these developments, the official is hopeful that mass public transportation, like buses, can now add routes to and from the town.

Photo: Tboli Municipal Government

Boost Economic Progress

Its opening is also expected to have a long-term positive impact on the local economy.

Mayor Tuan said that Tboli is opening its doors for prospective investors seeking to tap into the area's economic potential.

 "We see in the future that Tboli will be the center of development in the area when it comes to investment, and we invite entrepreneurs to invest here,” the official pointed out, urging national and international investors to explore the town’s various investment potentials.

The terminal is massively sprawled in Barangay Edwards, a strategic location that the local government described as “development expansion beyond the central areas of the town.”

Moreover, businesses surrounding the terminal are assured to benefit from increased foot traffic, leading to more economic activity and growth.

"This will give landowners around the new terminal the opportunity to build commercial establishments and create jobs for our residents," Tuan said.

The mayor emphasized that among the goals of the local government are to achieve balanced growth, reduce congestion, improve infrastructure, and create more livable and sustainable communities for its people.

Photo: Tboli Municipal Government

Value-added Tourism Attraction

By creating a more organized and efficient transportation network, Mayor Tuan said the terminal is sure to add value and attract more tourists and travelers to discover or rediscover the rich cultural heritage and natural endowments of Tboli town.

He is certain that as soon as it becomes fully functional, residents and tourists will have easy and better access to the town’s various tourist attractions.

Tboli is known for its unique culture and tourist destinations like Lake Holon, Bakngeb Rivercave, and Hidak Falls, among others.

Rodel Hilado, Tboli's senior tourism operations officer, said the new terminal is expected to serve the growing number of tourists visiting the town every year.

He explains that aside from being "instragrammable," the terminal will make it easier for people to travel and facilitate the mobility of tourists.

“This facility will primarily give convenience and comfort to tourists and the commuting public,” he added.

Hilado said that this will be more than just a terminal since they plan to make it a hub to access goods and other services.

Looking Ahead

Tboli's sophisticated Public Transport Terminal represents the country’s advancement in infrastructure and transportation management.

With its unique and advanced features, the terminal can serve as an "innovative model" for enhanced connectivity and tourism in the country. This could inspire other towns in the region to also develop more efficient and passenger-friendly transportation hubs in their respective areas. (ORVR – PIA South Cotabato)

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