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Were you wrongfully terminated by your boss? SEnA can help you wrestle for your rights

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Getting fired can be stressful and confusing, especially if you think the process was unfair. But what if you could fight for your rights without spending a fortune on lawyers? The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has your back with its Single Entry Approach (SEnA), a fast and free resolution process for any labor dispute.

Think of SEnA as a neutral mediator between you and your employer. It aims to settle your disagreement within 30 days through conciliation and mediation, saving you time and money compared to a lengthy legal battle.

What issues can be resolved through SEnA?

  • Unfair termination or suspension
  • Salary problems (including unpaid wages or overtime)
  • Unlawful deductions
  • Workplace harassment or discrimination
  • Issues with your union
  • Overseas Filipino worker (OFW) concerns
  • Even disagreements with your “amo” (household employer) if you’re a kasambahay (house helper)!


  • Safety hazards and accidents
  • Occupational health concerns

Who Can File a Complaint?

  • Individual workers like you
  • Groups of workers
  • Unions
  • OFWs
  • Kasambahays
  • Employers (yes, even they can have complaints!)

How to File a Complaint:

  • Go to the nearest Single Entry Assistance Desk (SEAD). You can find them in DOLE offices, National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB), National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC), Department of Migrant Workers (DMW), and their respective local offices nationwide.
  • Or, file a complaint via online through e-SEnA:
  • Meet with a SEnA Desk Officer (SEADO). They'll hear your complaint and try to work out a solution with your employer.
  • Negotiate and compromise. Be open to fair solutions that benefit both sides.
  • Reach an agreement! If you find a solution, it's documented and binding.

What if no agreement is reached?

No worries! You can still:

Go to the Department of Voluntary Arbitration. This is another faster and cheaper option than going to court.
File a formal case with the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC). This is the traditional legal route, but it can be more expensive and time-consuming.

SEnA vs. NCMB: What's the difference?

While both handle labor disputes, the NCMB mainly focuses on collective bargaining agreements and union issues. SEnA, on the other hand, is broader and more accessible, welcoming individual worker complaints too.


SEnA is free and confidential.
You don't need a lawyer to file a complaint.
It's a fast and efficient way to settle your labor issue.

Don't suffer in silence if you've been wronged at work. The DOLE's SEnA is here to help you get the justice you deserve. (JVD/PIA-NCR)

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