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DASURV MO BA NG AWARD? CFO opens nomination for presidential award for Filipinos overseas

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. meets with Filipinos in Zurich, Switzerland after his participation at the World Economic Forum in Davos, January 20, 2023. (President Bongbong Marcos Facebook Page)

The immense contributions of overseas Filipinos to national development cannot be overstated. 

From their taxes and remittances to daily sacrifices and acts of resilience, their tireless efforts should not go simply unnoticed.

Every other year, the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) gives recognition to various Filipinos who have played invaluable roles in nation building. Branded as the Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas (PAFIOO), a distinct category in the awards is also reserved for foreign individuals or organizations for their exceptional contribution to the Philippines and for advancing the cause of overseas Filipino communities.

Since its institutionalization in 1991 through Executive Order No. 498, the PAFIOO has already awarded 541 individuals and organizations from 55 different countries and territories. 

For this year, the nominations for the PAFIOO is now open!

Who can be nominated for the PAFIOO? 

The PAFIOO is open to overseas Filipinos in general regardless of age. These refer to: 

  • Filipinos temporarily or permanently residing or working overseas; 
  • Filipino migrant workers, whether sea-based or land-based; 
  • Descendants of overseas Filipinos;
  • Filipinos with dual citizenship or who have become naturalized citizens of other countries; and
  • Filipino spouses and other partners of foreign nationals who are based in countries abroad

Meanwhile, the award also recognizes groups, associations, clubs, federations, and communities, as well as foreign individuals and organizations. 

To be eligible for nomination, both individual and organization nominees should have accomplished at least five (5) years of work or contribution in a specific field under the categories of PAFIOO. 

Former overseas Filipinos can also be nominated provided that they returned to the Philippines for not more than three (3) years and there is a continuity of their work or contribution towards the Filipino community and the country as a whole. 

What are the categories of PAFIOO? 

There are four (4) categories of awards under the PAFIOO as follows: 

  • Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino (LINKAPIL) Award – is conferred upon overseas Filipinos or organizations that have exemplified an enduring sense of “bayanihan” by contributing to the development of a particular sector or local community in the Philippines. 
  • Banaag Award – which directly translates to “ray of light,” is conferred upon overseas Filipinos or organizations for advancing the cause and promoting the welfare of their fellow Filipinos abroad from the country where they are based.
  • Pamana ng Pilipino Award – is conferred upon overseas Filipinos or organizations that gained outstanding recognition for exemplifying the Filipino talent and industry in their profession.
  • Kaanib ng Bayan Award – which means “an ally,” is conferred upon foreign individuals or organizations for aiding in the achievement of Philippine development by spearheading initiatives towards the betterment of a local Filipino community and the Filipino nation as a whole. 

Where to submit the PAFIOO nomination?

All nominations shall be submitted to the PAFIOO Secretariat through this email: for the review and endorsement of the Embassy of the Philippines or the Philippine Consulate General who hold the jurisdiction over the residence, work, and overall operations of the individual or organization being nominated. 

The nomination forms for individual and organization nominees can be accessed here:

For other concerns, the CFO can be reached at their new main office located in The Upper Class Tower in Quezon City. 

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The deadline for the submission of endorsed nominations is on May 30, 2024

Meanwhile, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., is set to confer the PAFIOO at the Malacañang Palace in December 2024. 

Honoring our ‘Bagong Bayani’ in achieving a ‘Bagong Pilipinas’ 

The safe and orderly migration of overseas Filipinos is one of the key social protection initiatives of President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. as laid out in the Philippine Development Plan 2023-2028. 

President Marcos has made it a point to engage personally with Filipino communities overseas during his visits abroad to ensure that their welfare is being continuously catered to.  

“Noon man hanggang ngayon ay kayo po ay kilala sa inyong sipag, tiyaga at galing. Nakatataba ng pusong marinig na ang taas ng tingin sa mga Pilipino sa buong mundo dahil sa inyong husay,” said the national chief executive during his official visit to the United States of America in May 2023. 

(Translation: Since then till now, you are known for your industry, hard work, and talent. It is truly heartening to hear the world speak highly of Filipinos because of your prowess) 

In Bagong Pilipinas, the country is envisioned to have economic institutions that are responsive to the needs of every Filipino and their families. 

It also anchors the creation of more jobs so Filipinos do not have to leave their home and families behind to look for an opportunity that will provide them a better life. 

“I eagerly look forward to your return. With your help, and the Philippine government’s reintegration programs, we will continue moving toward a bright future together,” Marcos conveyed when he met with the Filipino community living and working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

Overseas Filipinos are our modern-day heroes. They are the embodiment of the Bagong Pilipino in the way they imbibe the bayanihan spirit, an essential ingredient for a Bagong Pilipinas. (JMP/PIA-NCR) 

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