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DTI support to local coffee growers sparks boom in coffee shops in Zamboanga City

A vibrant coffee culture is brewing in Zamboanga City, with an increasing number of coffee shops not only satisfying the city's caffeine cravings but also making a significant impact on local coffee bean growers.

’95 Street Co. coffee shop is located on MCLL Highway in Pasobolong, Zamboanga City, where they serve local coffee drinks.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) noticed an increasing number of coffee shops popping up in Zamboanga City. Based on the recent data from DTI Zamboanga City Office, there are a total of 104 coffee shops that were registered in 2023 and 185 coffee growers or farmers in Zamboanga City alone.

Behind this surge in coffee businesses lies a collaborative effort between entrepreneurs, coffee growers, and the DTI, fostering economic growth and community development. 

A growing number of coffee shops have become the go-to destinations for residents and tourists alike. These establishments offer a diverse array of coffee concoctions, from classic brews to innovative blends, providing a unique and inviting ambiance for coffee enthusiasts to indulge in their favorite brews.

However, beyond serving delicious cups of coffee, many of these coffee shops are actively engaged in initiatives to support local coffee bean growers in Zamboanga City. Through partnerships with the DTI, these businesses are helping to create a sustainable ecosystem that benefits both growers and consumers.

Coffee shop owners, Jake and Leah, shared that they started the small business only last year out of their passion and love for coffee. 

“We thought, why not open our own simple café and put up our own preferences in a café,” Jake said. 

Now, their love for coffee has turned into a business and a place for them to appreciate locally-produced coffee. 

DTI hoped to strengthen the competitiveness of the local coffee industry by providing technical assistance, training, and access to market opportunities. Through the program, coffee growers in Zamboanga City will receive valuable support in enhancing their farming practices, improving the quality of their coffee beans, and accessing new markets both locally and internationally.

DTI Zamboanga City Provincial Director Grace Aduca encouraged more young entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. 

“If you have the chance to start a business, go for it, because you can also help grow local employment opportunities,” she said. (RVC/EDT/MLE/PIA9-Zamboanga City)

Jake and Leah, owners of the ’95 Street Co. coffee shop, were inspired to put up their own business and contribute to the growing number of local coffee shops in Zamboanga City.

About the Author

Myra Cel Espinosa

Information Officer III

Region 9

Myra Espinosa is an Information Officer of the Philippine Information Agency Region IX.  She writes news and feature stories for the agency's website and social media platforms. She is currently the program host of Kapihan na Zamboanga Public Briefing, as well as a news contributor for PTV News. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration Major in Organization and Management from Western Mindanao State University.

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