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Why there’s more love filming in the Philippines

The Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) is encouraging international filmmakers to choose the Philippines — for co-production in a project, or as a location for their shoot.

The FDCP, through its FilmPhilippines Office (FPO), is offering incentives to international filmmakers and encouraging co-production projects.

The offer comes with perks including the Film Location Incentive Program (FLIP), which grants an eligible international project a 20 percent cash rebate on their qualified spend here; the International Co-Production Fund (ICOF) that provides selective funding; and the Film Location Engagement Desk (FLEX), a one-stop-shop assistance for government permits, and inter-agency endorsements to those coming to shoot in the country.

The country also offers location incentives to attract international film and audiovisual projects for production and post-production, as well as foreign producers looking to do international co-productions with Filipino producers.

From tropical paradise to urban pulse

Picture-perfect islands with crystal-clear waters, lush mountainscapes teeming with life, and bustling cityscapes pulsating with energy—this is the Philippines, a filmmaker's paradise. FilmPhilippines offers a variety of locations, each with its own character and charm, showcased in an easily accessible online database. Whether your story calls for the serenity of a secluded beach or the dynamic hustle of a metropolitan backdrop, the Philippines has it all.

The captivating islands of Palawan. (Photo by FilmPhilippines-FDCP)

More support in igniting creativity

The FLIP is a groundbreaking initiative that empowers filmmakers with financial support to turn their visions into reality.

Qualified Filipino production companies, acting as the lead or animation/post-production studios, are eligible for a 20 percent cash rebate, capped at P25 million (approx. USD 450,000), based on the project's Qualified Philippine Production Expenditure (QPPE). Projects that pass the cultural merit test can receive an additional 5 percent bonus, elevating their cash rebate to an enticing 25 percent, capped at P30 million (approx. USD 540,000).

Eligible projects include:

Feature-length films (+70 min) or short films (-40 min) of feature, animated, or documentary films
TV and/or VOD content (animation, documentary, reality shows, series, or unit)
Web content (series or unit), virtual reality content
The project will be wholly or partly made in the Philippines, be it production (studio, location shootings), animation work, post-production (visual effect, 3D conversion, editing, music and scoring, sound design, editing and mixing, voice overs, color grading, etc.)
The project must spend at least the following amount:

P20 million (approx. up to USD 360,000) for feature and animated films
P8 million (approx. up to USD 144,000) for documentary
P3 million (approx. up to USD 50,000) for short films
P3 million (approx. up to USD 50,000) per episode for series; min. of 8 episodes
Project that will begin its principal photography, animation, or post-production in the Philippines within six (6) months from selection
Project that will submit final verification within two (2) years (three [3] years for animation) from the selection and signing of the MOA
Eligible content includes any genre, except for pornography and does not contain issues that are insulting, offensive, and/or portraying the Philippines in a negative light or does not promote violence or pose any threat to national security.

The Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao is a very good spot for shooting. (Photo by FilmPhilippines-FDCP)

Bridging borders through collaborative ventures

In tandem with FLIP, the International Co-Production Fund (ICOF) is a selective fund also with the aim of promoting the Philippines as a filming destination and a co-production partner for foreign countries.

This fund is given to qualified Filipino production companies that are co-producing creative content (production to post-production) with an international partner.

Eligible projects include:

Full-length films (+ 70 mins of feature, animated, or documentary)
Entire season of scripted series (+ 24min/episode) of a live action, animation, or documentary
The project is a co-production between a Filipino and at least one foreign production company
The Filipino production company has at least 10 percent confirmed co-production share in the project (with only confirmed financing, excluding possible support from ICOF)
The project has 60 percent confirmed financing
Project that will begin its principal photography, animation production, or post-production within one (1) year from selection 
Project that will submit final verification within two (2) years (three [3] years for animation) from the selection and signing of the MOA.
The project is wholly or partly made in the Philippines, be it production (studio, location shoots) and/or post-production (visual effect, 3D conversion, editing, music and scoring, sound design, editing and mixing, voice overs, color grading, etc.) and/or animation.
Eligible applicants are Filipino production companies or animation studio that meet the following qualifications:

Organized and registered as a business in the Philippines
Co-producing an eligible project with a foreign production company
Accredited by the FDCP National Registry 
Note: Applicants will be considered ineligible for funding if they have overdue and/or outstanding deliverable(s) for a project that received funding from any of FDCP programs
Successful applicants of ICOF can receive a fund from:

P3 million up to P10 million (approx. USD 53,000 up to USD 180,000) for feature and animated films
P1 million up to P5 million (approx. USD 18,000 up to USD 90,000) for documentary
P4 million up to P10 million (approx. USD 70,000 up to USD 180,000) for TV/VOD series (one season). 
A guaranteed bonus of P1 million (approx. USD 18,000) will be given to selected projects that are co-produced with another ASEAN country aside the Philippines
 An additional bonus will be added to the fund amount of selected projects that passed the cultural test:

P2 million (approx. USD 35,000) for feature and animated films or series seasons
P1 million (approx. USD 18,000) for documentary

Simplifying the production journey

Navigating the complexity of production in a foreign land can be daunting, but with FilmPhilippines' Film Location Engagement Desk (FLEX), the journey becomes seamless. FLEX serves as the industry's trusted guide, offering a one-stop-shop for permits, visas, location scouting, and logistical support across the Philippines. This streamlined process allows filmmakers to focus on their craft while FLEX handles the rest.

Here are other compelling reasons to choose filming in the Philippines

Filmmakers can explore various landscapes, each with its own unique tale waiting to be told. They can also access state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, ensuring that the production meets the highest standards. Movie makers can also tap into a National Registry database brimming with skilled English-speaking talents, crews, and production companies.

Moreover, film makers can collaborate with Filipino partners known for their adaptability and creative solutions while enjoying a seamless process with a one-stop-shop for permits, visas, and tax-free importation.

For regional feature filmmakers, they can foster cross-border collaborations with grants and they are rest assured with international health and safety protocols in place, ensuring a secure filming environment.

Filipinos are natural filmmakers, but it gets better when filming locations are conducive and state-of-the-art equipment are available. (Photos by FilmPhilippines-FDCP)

FilmPhilippines gives filmmakers a big opportunity which is supported by key government agencies including the Department of Tourism (DoT), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Department of National Defense (DND), Bureau of Customs (BOC), Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Bureau of Immigration (BI), Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Film Academy of the Philippines, and the Tourism Promotions Board.

To get in touch with FilmPhilippines, email: or call (+632) 8 251-7493 / (+632) 8 256-9908 / +639178003227 or visit their office at 855 T.M. Kalaw Street, Ermita, Manila 1000

Embark on your next cinematic adventure. Let FilmPhilippines be your guide to the heart of Asia, where dreams are captured and stories come alive on the silver screen. (AVS / PIA-NCR)

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