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CHO Marawi advances delivery of quality health services

MARAWI CITY, Lanao del Sur (PIA)--The city government here, through the City Health Office (CHO), continues to upgrade its facilities and services to further bolster the delivery of quality healthcare to its people.

"Six years ago, we were faced with the Marawi siege, which completely challenged the healthcare delivery system of the entire city. But we continue to work tirelessly in rendering medical services despite the adversities we faced, hoping one day we could restore every health facility in the city," said CHO chief Dr. Ali Dalidig during the inauguration of the City Health Unit, June 7.

Dalidig said six years after the siege, the city government, with the support of partners, has established four Rural Health Units (RHUs) located in barangays Papandayan, Kilala, Timbangalan, and Cabingan.

Thirty barangay health stations were also constructed in the less affected areas of the city while 24 barangay health centers were built in the most affected areas.

The temporary treatment facility for COVID-19 was likewise established through a joint venture between the Bangsamoro Ministry of Health and the city government to ensure the preparedness of the city in the event of a sudden surge in cases.

Marawi City Health Officer Dr. Ali Dalidig shares that the completion of the new city health unit is his biggest milestone while serving as a health executive in the city. He further conveys that they have been working tirelessly despite the adversities, hoping one day they could restore every health facility in the city. (MJP/PIA Lanao del Sur)

In addition, the CHO chief said they have a fully operational birthing clinic that is open 24/7 to attend to the needs of mothers who are about to give birth. This service is further strengthened with the opening of the City Health Unit, equipped with a family planning and prenatal room, sterilization room, labor room, and delivery room, among others.

Dalidig also stated that the construction of Marawi City General Hospital in barangay Tolali has already commenced, including the building of polyclinics patterned after the Cuban healthcare system.

"It is our vision to establish a health institution renowned for its excellence in healthcare through a responsive, accessible, equitable, and efficient healthcare delivery system equipped with modern facilities. That is why we always make it a point to upgrade to achieve excellence in health," he said.

Dalidig added that all these are part of the city government’s Build Back Better Marawi program, of which one of the priorities is the restoration of health facilities and the delivery of basic social services to the people of Marawi. (APB/PIA-10/Lanao del Sur).

Dental room located on the 2nd floor of the Marawi City Health Unit. (MJP/ PIA Lanao del Sur)

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