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Camiguin water firm ensures safe drinking water via chlorination

CAMIGUIN (PIA)—In providing its consumers with safe drinking water straight from the tap, the Camiguin Water Company (CWC) implements a chlorination process in handling the supply and shares practical tips on how consumers can enjoy their water without any unpleasant taste or odor.

Chlorination effectively eliminates harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites, ensuring health and shielding consumers from water-related illnesses, CWC stated.

“By employing chlorination, we strive to contribute to a healthier Camiguin by reducing the occurrence of water-related diseases and enhancing overall well-being,” CWC General Manager Jonathan Sarsonas said.

The company added that such a process prevents costly treatments for waterborne diseases and ensures continuous disinfection with chlorine’s residual presence.

Their personnel monitor and maintain optimal chlorine levels to ensure reliable and consistent disinfection, as required in the 2017 Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW).

As the process may affect the taste and odor of the water, CWC suggests the boiling method, where consumers can bring water to a rolling boil for 10 minutes. This will allow chlorine to evaporate naturally.

Consumers may also opt for dissipating chlorine by pouring water into a container and letting it sit uncovered for 24 hours.

Another method is to attach a carbon filter to the faucet or a filtered pitcher to remove chlorine. This provides clean and great-tasting water.

“Enjoy refreshing and clean water straight from your tap by following our helpful tips,” Sarsonas added.

For concerns, CWC urges their consumers to get in touch with them through their customer service hotline number, 09988310838. (RTP/PIA-10/Camiguin)

To improve public health conditions, eliminate water shortages, and reduce water leakage in the existing water supply area, the Camiguin Water Company leads the inauguration of the Alibugho Water Supply System in Tupsan Pequeño, Mahinog, Camiguin. (James M. Elaco/PIA-10/Camiguin)

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