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DTI checks compliance of hardware stores to FTL

SAN JOSE, Antique (PIA) -- Antique recently conducted monitoring and inspections on certified steel bars in various hardware stores in Hamtic, Tobias Fornier, and Anini-y towns.

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Antique Trade and Industry Development Specialist Arnel Oliveros said that this activity is part of the Consumer Protection Unit's efforts to ensure compliance with fair trade laws (FTL) and standards.

During the inspections, the team verified the markings on the surface of the steel bars to determine their authenticity, quality, and properties.

Steel bar markings provide essential information including the manufacturer's logo, grade, size, ductility class, and reinforcement type.

Oliveros emphasized that these markings play a crucial role in identifying the manufacturer, ensuring compliance with standards, and enabling traceability.

All manufacturer's logos embossed on the steel bars are approved by the Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS) and the list of approved logos is accessible on their website.

The team monitored 14 hardware stores, all of which were selling certified steel bars.

However, some of the establishments were unable to determine the correct bar size of rerolled steel bars based on the embossed symbols.

To address this issue, the DTI trained the owners and managers on how to interpret the embossed markings on both rerolled and deformed steel bars and provided them with information related to certified steel bars.

Oliveros encouraged consumers, hardware stores, construction companies, and building contractors to look for these markings when purchasing steel products to ensure their reliability and safety. (AGP/PSM/PIA Antique with reports from DTI)

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