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123rd PCSA: Fostering dynamism among gov't workers

QUEZON CITY (PIA) -- The 123rd Philippine Civil Service Anniversary (PCSA) celebration commenced with an online forum on public sector dynamism organized by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) on Monday, 7 August 2023.

The event not only highlighted the significance of cultivating dynamism among government workers but also shed light on the numerous benefits they can derive from embracing innovation and modernization.

At the virtual launch, CSC Commissioner Aileen Lourdes Lizada shared an overview of the activities lined up for the 123rd PCSA celebration, emphasizing that the month-long event is the anniversary of the entire civil service. This celebration serves as an opportunity for government employees to reflect on their contributions and achievements while also looking towards the future.

CSC Chairperson Karlo Nograles emphasized the importance of fostering dynamism among government workers as this year's thematic focus of the PCSA.

A bureaucracy marked by dynamic employees, sustainable management or leadership, and a resilient organization is one that can adapt to abrupt changes and is capable of withstanding difficulties, therefore ensuring uninterrupted service delivery,” he said.

One of the key highlights of the event was the insightful presentations on how various government agencies are promoting dynamism within the bureaucracy. Chairperson Nograles showcased the CSC's initiatives under its digital transformation journey, including the successful introduction of the Civil Service Eligibility Verification System (CSEVS). These advancements not only streamline processes but also provide government employees with more efficient and convenient ways to access services.

Chairperson Nograles also unveiled upcoming projects such as the Digital Feedback Management System, which will employ a client assistance chatbot, and the upgrading and future-proofing efforts for the Contact Center ng Bayan (CCB). These initiatives aim to enhance the overall experience of government employees and enable them to serve the public more effectively.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Commissioner Romeo Lumagui Jr. presented the tax agency's current efforts to establish a dynamic and efficient tax system through the digitalization of the filing and payment process using the electronic Filing and Payment System (eFPS). This modernization not only simplifies tax compliance for government employees but also ensures a more streamlined and transparent process.

Moreover, the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) President and General Manager (PGM) Jose Arnulfo Veloso highlighted the agency's initiatives in digitalization to enhance services for government employees. These efforts include the implementation of the Wireless Automated Processing System (GW@PS) Kiosks, GSIS Member Online (eGSISMO) facility, and GSIS Touch mobile app. These digital platforms allow government employees to conveniently access their benefits, loans, and other services, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

On the other hand, CSC Commissioner Ryan Alvin Acosta emphasized the potential of the insights and experiences shared during the launch to assist other government agencies in enhancing their service delivery. The collaborative efforts of government agencies, as showcased in this online forum, will undoubtedly shape the future of public service delivery, ushering in a new era of progress and excellence.

The 123rd PCSA celebration sets the tone for an exciting and transformative journey towards a more dynamic, resilient, and service-oriented civil service in the Philippines. By embracing innovation and digital transformation, government employees can benefit from streamlined processes, improved efficiency, and enhanced services. This celebration serves as a reminder of their invaluable contributions and the commitment to continuous improvement, ultimately leading to a better future for both government employees and the Filipino people. (CSC/PIA-NCR)

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