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Dapitan City makes history with first ever Ironman 5150 Triathlon in Zambo Norte

DAPITAN CITY, Sep. 11 (PIA) – The historical City of Dapitan added another core memory to its list, hosting the international Ironman 5150 Triathlon Series on September 10, this year.

An international competition with 11 countries partaking this year and over 400 participants, the 5150 got its name from its 1.5km swim course, 40km bike course, and 10km run course, totaling to a distance of 51.5km.

According to the Regional Director of The Ironman Group in the Philippines, Princess Galura, when choosing locations for the 5150, the uniqueness of the city bears a heavy weight along side its capacity to accommodate both the large number of triathletes and the organizing team.

Galura added that the other than the triathlon itself, the athletes should experience something unique to the city that will stay with them even after returning home, and it was Dapitan’s historical relevance that caught their attention. True to form, the running course took the athletes through the city’s historical sites and landmarks to make the most of the local scenery.

Prior to Dapitan, the only other city in Mindanao to host the 5150 Series was Tagum City in Davao del Norte last year.

According to Dapitan City Mayor Seth Frederick “Bullet” Jalosjos, they were excited to be the only race to combine the celebration of their heritage and sports to this depth.

He also went on to say that this was the perfect opportunity for families and the community to get together and honor their past, experience life in the present, and encourage the youth as well as the greater community into a future in sports.

“Dapitan has a rich history and is now becoming a destination for sports tourism,” Mayor Jalosjos said.

Aside from being the first 5150 Series in the province, this is also the first and in-so-far only installment of the Ironman series to have monetary rewards all courtesy of the city government.

A total of Php. 870,000.00 was at stake for 22 categories in the triathlon, with Php. 175,000.00 going to the first male and female finisher of the race each.

To add to the novelty of the event, the city also invited 23 elite athletes who have all represented the Philippines in international races and made their marks in the triathlon scene to join the competition in the “Bagong Bayani” category.

The Bagong Bayani included the likes of Kim Mangrobang, Fer Casares, Rambo Chicano, Maynard Pecson, and Bea Quiambao.

Aside from the P175k prize for the first placers for the overall competition in the male and female categories, the first placers for the Bagong Bayani category will also receive a Php. 40,000.00 reward each.

For newbies who weren’t as confident joining the 5150, the Go for Gold Sunrise Sprint offered the shorter alternative with its 750m swim, 20km bike, and 5km run.

“There are many strong athletes in Mindanao, and we are looking forward to discovering in Dapitan some emerging stars in the field,” said Jeremy Go, Powerball Vice President for Marketing whose company has supported the Sunrise Sprint for many years.

The city also held a costumed fun run the day before the official competition.

Aptly called “The Noli Run”, the friendly race featured locals and visitors alike in Spanish-Era costumes paying homage to Dr. Jose Rizal by referencing his work.

The Noli Run was 4km long with a registration fee of Php. 650.00. There was also a Php. 20,000.00 reward for Best Costume awardees.

Bagong Bayanis Fernando “Fer” Casares and Kim Mangrobang were the first male and female finishers of 5150 race, each earning the Php. 175,000.00 cash prize on top of the Php. 40,000.00 they will receive as the first finishers under the Bagong Bayani category. (RVC/EDT/PJF/PIA9-Zamboanga del Norte)

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