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CapSU welcomes 12 exchange student interns from Indonesia

ROXAS CITY, Capiz (PIA) -- The Capiz State University (CapSU) recently feted the arrival of 12 exchange student interns from four big universities in Indonesia who will undergo their international practicum at some secondary public schools as well as CapSU campuses in the province.

The undertaking is part of the SEA - Teacher Student Exchange Program or the "Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia," which aims to provide an opportunity for pre-service student teachers to have teaching experiences in schools in other countries in Southeast Asia.

Indonesian student interns were feted for arrival honors by the Capiz State University at a covered gym in the university’s main campus along Fuentes Drive in Roxas City. (Photo by CapSU Public Information Office)

These 12 student interns include Ovalia Nastila MN (BSED-English), Astrina Nurul Haq (BSED-English), Ahmad Sapta Seno Permadi (BSED-English), and Aulia Ihza Cahya (Elementary Education) from the Universitas Muhammadiyah Kotabumi; Muhammad Farhan Algifariz (English Education), Larasati Ika Budi (Biology Education) and Nur Baeti Legah Wahidah (English Education) from the Universitas Muhammadiyah Porwokerto; Nur Salwa Nisrina (Biology Education), Panisyah Nasyro Janna Erpapalemlah (English Education) and Devin Akbar Albany (Mathematics Education) from the Sriwijaya University; and Annisa Nur Ramadhani (English Education) as well as Rania Khairunnisak (Elementary Education) from the Universitas Ahmad Dahlan.

They composed the 9th Batch of the program and will embark on their month-long meaningful academic journey in the province.

Dr. Martelino

“Today, ladies and gentlemen, marks an important event in the history of Capiz State University because for the very first time, post-pandemic, we will be hosting again the 9th batch of the SEA-Teacher Program, the 12 exchange student interns from 4 big universities in Indonesia who were entrusted by the respective universities to our care through the SEA-Teacher Project,” said CapSU vice-president for External Affairs and Linkages Dr. Mary Ann B. Martelino.

"Last May 4, 2023 to June 14, 2023, we already sent 18 CapSU students to Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand through the SEA Teacher Program," she stressed.

The creation of the SEA Teacher is based on the Southeast Asia Ministers of Education Organization's (SEAMEO) seven priority areas for its 11 member countries to work together to improve the quality of education in Southeast Asia.

"We have already planned out a full-month schedule that would allow you to study and simultaneously immerse in our culture and arts," noted Martelino.

The initiative is in line with the university's vision of globalization through the Student Internship Abroad Program (SIAP).

"All the activities here are fun, I like it, even though it's a little tiring, it's really fun, and I know a lot about Filipino culture," said Khairunnisak.

Another intern, Sriwijaya University Biology Education intern Nisrina said that Capiceños are friendly and welcoming individuals.

The biology student intern stays at the university's guest house in Brgy. Burias in Mambusao town.

"The culture of Capiz is almost similar to Indonesia. Last week we had our Capiz tour and it was super interesting. The architecture of the building is also aesthetic, when we go to the church, I'm really amazed by the bricked wall. Then we tried a local food that tastes new in my tastebud but I loved it," she stressed.

The student interns try the puso making and tour the Sta. Monica Parish Church in Panay town. (Photo by Hidlaw Panay FB Page)

The interns visited the municipality of Panay, the heritage capital of Capiz and home to the biggest catholic church bell in Southeast Asia, as well as the famous puso' snack delicacy which is a sweet sticky rice cooked in nipa sap and woven into distinctive shapes of pouches using the nipa leaves.

For her part, CapSU president Dr. Editha Alfon acknowledged concerned university officials, partners from the Department of Education (DepEd), and local government units for their contribution to the success of the activity.

“We admire your courage in seeking out knowledge, learning new cultures, and absorbing best practices in education which you may use to enhance your skills in your future profession. Your dedication to becoming a world-class educator is truly remarkable!” Dr. Alfon conveyed this to the student interns.

During the welcome program, the CapSU Main Chorale entertained the attendees with their winning piece during the 12th World Choir Games 2023 in Gangneung, South Korea.

CapSU president Dr. Alfon

SEA-Teacher Student participant Devin Akbar Albany from Sriwijaya University expressed his gratitude to CapSU, on behalf of his fellow interns in response to the welcoming hospitality of the school. (AGP/AAL/PIA Capiz)

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