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SSS unveils up to 60K enhanced funeral benefits to members

IPIL, Zamboanga Sibugay, Oct. 20, 2023 (PIA) – The Social Security System (SSS) unveiled revised guidelines for the SSS Funeral Benefit Program, aimed at enhancing funeral benefits up to a maximum of P60,000. These changes were officially put into effect on October 20, 2023, as outlined in Memo Advisory Circular No. 2023-009.

Under these amended guidelines, all claimants for funeral benefits, which include the legal spouse, children, parents, or individuals who have covered the funeral expenses upon the death of a qualified SSS member, a permanent total disability pensioner, or a retirement pensioner, are eligible for coverage.

According to SSS Ipil Branch Head, Marnelli T. Pastorfide, if the deceased member or pensioner has dutifully contributed for a minimum of 36 monthly installments up to the month of their demise, the funeral benefit will be a variable amount, ranging from a minimum of P20,000 to the newly established maximum of P60,000. Prior to the issuance of these revised guidelines, the maximum funeral benefit was capped at P 40,000. 

"A specific formula is applied for the computation of the exact amount," clarified Pastorfide.

Pastorfide also emphasized that if the deceased member has made a minimum of one (1) but less than 36 monthly contributions up to the month of their death, the funeral benefit will be a fixed amount of P12,000. She further explained that the funeral benefit is intended to reimburse the documented funeral expenses, provided it does not exceed the computed funeral benefit due.

SSS Ipil branch, Zamboanga Sibugay

Proof of Payment of Funeral Expenses

These funeral expenses encompass services such as embalming, burial transfers, permits, funeral services (including church service fees), cremation or interment services, as well as the purchase or rental of a coffin, niche, cemetery, memorial lot, columbarium, and payments related to memorial or funeral insurance plans.

The surviving legal spouse, as the rightful claimant, is required to furnish the following documentation as an alternative to an official receipt for validating the payment of funeral expenses incurred for the deceased spouse: amarriage certificate, a notarized affidavit, or an online certificate that clearly demonstrates the expenditure for the funeral services.

On the other hand, for individuals seeking claims as beneficiaries other than the surviving legal spouse, certain stipulations must be adhered to: a valid proof of payment should manifest in the form of an official receipt issued under the claimant's name, specifically indicating the name of the deceased member or pensioner. Moreover, children, parents, or legal heirs are permitted to submit a certification confirming the utilization of a memorial or funeral insurance plan or any other legitimate document authenticating the funeral expenses settled by the member or pensioner before their demise.

All the aforementioned evidence of payment is to be submitted in conjunction with the following requisites: a notarized waiver, duly signed by the surviving legal spouse in favor of the claimant, or a notarized affidavit corroborated by two impartial witnesses, attesting to the fact that the surviving legal spouse either did not cover the funeral expenses or cannot provide belated payment substantiation.

Payment of Funeral Benefit

Regarding the payment of the funeral benefit, Pastorfide clarified that the first claimant who successfully files a claim and meets all stipulated requirements will receive the full funeral benefit. However, in instances where two (2) or more claimants simultaneously file for the funeral benefit, payments will be prorated. 

"For example, if there remains a balance in the funeral benefit after the initial claimant has been compensated, any subsequent claimants will also receive payments, but not exceeding the remaining balance," she explained. 

The prescriptive period for the application of a funeral benefit claim is set at ten years from the month of the member’s or pensioner's death. 

Pastorfide strongly encouraged the online filing of funeral benefit claims through the My.SSS Portal.

She concluded by reaffirming the commitment of SSS to providing equitable benefits and protection to its members, assuring those who have contributed to higher brackets of enhanced benefits. The SSS is dedicated to continuous improvement, aiming to provide members with superior benefits and services. 

Photo: SSS Ipil

“SSS is serious in its commitment to providing equitable benefits and protection to our members. For those who have paid more in higher brackets, you can be assured of higher benefits. SSS is continually improving to give our members better benefits and better services," Pastorfide said. (RVC/EDT/JPA/Zamboanga Sibugay)

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