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Antiqueño info officers pledge support to ‘UniComm’

SAN JOSE, Antique (PIA) -- The Antique Association of Information Officers (AAIO) recently expressed support for the Unified Communications (UniComm) initiative of the Presidential Communications Office (PCO).

AAIO Vice President for Local Government Units (LGU) Peter Edward Perez, on behalf of the organization’s president Primrose Zamora, said that Antiqueño information officers stand ready to join PCO in its quest for a strengthened framework in delivering government information down to the barangay level.  

AAIO Vice President for Local Government Units (LGUs) Peter Edward Perez delivers his message of support to the Unified Communications (UniComm) initiative of the Presidential Communications Office (PCO) during the 1st Regional UniComm Assembly held in Iloilo City on December 21.

Perez added that UniComm is a huge leap in government communication work, particularly in ensuring that only accurate, truthful, and verified information reaches Filipinos as they better themselves and contribute to nation-building.

During the 1st Regional UniComm Assembly held at Citadines Amigo Iloilo on December 21, 2023, Director III Faith De Guia of PCO-Digital Media and Communications said that UniComm intends to foster a unified approach to communication, especially on issues that significantly impact the nation.

Under UniComm, Director De Guia highlights the importance of empathy and inclusivity, transparency and clarity, digital and social media engagement, a community-centric approach, consistent and unified messaging, proactive crisis communication, and incorporating cultural sensitivity.

For her part, PCO Assistant Secretary Patricia Kayle Martino explained to information officers present at the event the communications strategy under the Marcos Administration's leadership brand - Bagong Pilipinas.

Asec. Martino underscored that the "Bagong Pilipinas" campaign invites holistic transformation across society and calls for collective action from public officials and ordinary citizens toward national growth and development.

Philippine Information Agency (PIA) executive officials, including Director-General Jose Torres, Jr. and Deputy Director-General for Strategic Communications Katherine Chloe De Castro, also participated in the event in solidarity with PCO and as a show of support for its initiatives.

In his keynote speech, Director-General Torres stressed that UniComm is an essential component in achieving effective communication, noting that information must not be confined to select communities but must reach the grassroots level.

DG Torres also expressed his hope for all communications networks in the region to benefit from this regional UniComm. (AGP/BPS/PIA Antique)

Director-General Jose Torres, Jr. expresses the Philippine Information Agency's support to the endeavors of the Presidential Communications Office (PCO), particularly the UniComm seen to bolster intra-governmental communication toward improved public service delivery.

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