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Poverty incidence in Antique down by 4.1% in the first half of 2023

SAN JOSE, Antique (PIA) -- Antique’s poverty incidence of families dropped by 4.1 percent during the first half of 2023 from 21.9 percent in 2021 to 17.8 percent in the same period in 2023.

Based on the preliminary results of the First Visit of the 2023 Family Income and Expenditure Survey (FIES), the Philippine Statistics Authority further reported that the same decreasing trend was recorded in the poverty incidence among individuals with a 4.1 percent reduction from 26.8 percent in the same period of 2021 to 22.7 percent last year.

Chief Statistical Specialist and provincial statistics officer Randy M. Tacogdoy explained that poverty incidence for families refers to the proportion of families whose income is below the poverty line as to the total number of families in the province.

Poverty incidence for the individual population refers to the proportion of the population living below the poverty line to the total population of the province.

Tacogdoy further said that during the first semester of 2023, a family of five in Antique needed at least P9,440, on average, to meet the family’s basic food needs for a month or the food threshold.

In addition, a family of five should have earned at least P13,523, on average, to meet a family's basic food and non-food needs in a month or the poverty threshold.

The food threshold is the minimum income required to meet the basic food needs, satisfying the nutritional requirements set by the Food and

Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) to ensure that one remains economically and socially productive.

The poverty threshold is the minimum income required to meet the basic food and non-food needs such as clothing, fuel, light and water, housing, rental of occupied dwelling units, transportation and communication, health and education expenses, non-durable furnishing, household operations, and personal care and effects.

Tacogdoy noted there could be many driving factors that caused the reduction of poverty incidence such as government interventions in various programs creating employment and livelihood and business recovery from the pandemic among other factors. (AGP/PSM/PIA Antique)

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