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Camiguin health officials stress importance of seeking help for thyroid problems

GUINSILIBAN, Camiguin (PIA) -- Breaking the social stigma surrounding health issues, Guinsiliban's health officials highlight the observance of Goiter Awareness Week, emphasizing the importance of seeking professional help for thyroid problems.

“Ang uban man gud mas mu-prefer sila na wala sila kabalo unsa’y problema sa ila rather than asking professionals kung unsa gyud ang nahitabo sailaha [Some people prefer not to let others know about their problems rather than consulting professionals to understand what happened to them],” Guinsiliban Municipal Health Office (MHO) OIC Dr. Floralice S. Pacturan said, highlighting the need for open conversations about health during a radio program on January 18.

She also stressed the significance of overcoming stigma in healthcare, urging individuals to be informed and empowered, and promoting a proactive approach to health without fear of judgment.

Moreover, Pacturan outlined common factors and symptoms of goiter, including neck swelling, abnormal palpitations, weight changes, tremors, and voice changes. These symptoms can be attributed to autoimmune conditions, iodine deficiency, and genetic factors. She emphasized the need for early consultation with healthcare professionals, as treatments vary based on individual circumstances.

The doctor said that preventing goiter involves adopting various strategies to address its underlying causes and promote overall thyroid health. One key measure is to ensure the consumption of iodized salt, as iodine deficiency is a common factor contributing to goiter. Additionally, maintaining a diverse diet that includes iodine-rich foods such as seafood, dairy products, eggs, and iodine-fortified foods is crucial for supporting thyroid function. 

Also, she added that moderation is key in the consumption of soy-based products, as excessive intake may contribute to goiter, particularly in individuals with pre-existing thyroid conditions. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and stress management, supports overall thyroid health and reduces the risk of thyroid disorders, including goiter.

"Everyone should not be afraid to seek consultation regarding our thyroid gland. Please seek help and consult your doctors," urged Pacturan, encouraging timely consultations to prevent the progression of health issues and avoid more severe complications.

Guinsiliban health officials support Goiter Awareness Week with the goal of creating a community that is more informed, engaged, and empowered. They aim to improve the general well-being of Camiguin residents by dispelling the stigma associated with healthcare. (KAPG/PIA-10)

The Camiguin General Hospital conducted a medical, dental, surgical, and pathologic check-up in Binunsaran, Poblacion, Mambajao, Camiguin, on August 8, 2023. There were also surgery, internal medicine, pediatric, obstetrics and gynecology, laboratory, feeding, and house-to-house services conducted at the event. (JME/PIA-10/Camiguin)

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