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Abra IP town celebrates thanksgiving, upholds Itneg culture

PEÑARRUBIA, Abra (PIA) – “The Itneg culture is still very much alive here in Peñarrubia.”
Mayor Jane Cecilia  emphasized this in a media interview during the celebration of the town’s Pinaing Festival with the theme, "Puso nga napnuan yaman kadagiti sagut-ballaigi nga inted ni Apo Kabunian, Kultura intay ibiag ken salakniban para iti sumaruno nga kaputotan.

Peñarrubia Mayor Jane Cecilia joins Abra former Governer Takit Bersamin in an Itneg cultural dance during the cultural day of the 2024 Pinaing Festival. (Photo by: Mayor Jane Cecilia)

Pinaing which is an Itneg thanksgiving ritual, inspired Peñarrubia’s town fiesta which celebrates the blessings received by the community, and champions the rich culture of the Tingguians.
“Pinaing is like a prayer, or a ritual for thanksgiving of kapag may requests sa tinatawag natin na Kabunyan para maganda ang harvest. Dito kasi sa Peñarrubia, we regularly do it kapag meron ire-request,” Cecilia explained.
She added that the celebration is also one of the efforts of the municipal government to strengthen the preservation of culture among the younger generation.
“We are basically an IP municipality, so we are at least 90 percent  IP or even up. Preservation of culture is very strong, and we are further strengthening it kahit haggang ngayon kaya sine-celebrate namin  itong Pinaing festival,” she said.

To start the cultural day, the Pinaing rite  is  conducted by elders to ask for blessings from Kabunian. This ritual is strictly to be witnessed and participated by men only.

Municipal Administrator Delfin Bumogas explained that the exclusivity of the ritual to males was passed down by the elders. This rule, he said, may have been due to the different roles assigned to women who usually took charge of cooking, and providing food for the community during the observance of the Pinaing.
The five-day festivity featured different cultural presentations and dances, music, and traditions of the Itnegs in Peñarrubia.
Booths showcasing local products and traditional embroidery were also put up as part of the Pinaing Festival trade fair and food bazaar.
Peñarrubia is one of the lowland municipalities of the province that celebrates the Pinaing(JJPM-PIA Abra).

Ladies in Peñarrubia dressed in their traditional attires participate in a cultural dance during the 2024 Pinaing Festival cultural day. (Photo by: Liza Agoot, PNA)

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