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Basilan's remarkable journey: A beacon of hope for peace and security

ISABELA CITY, Basilan (PIA) - On the once-troubled island of Basilan, a transformative journey towards peace and security is underway to further sustain peace and development. 

Under the leadership of Gov. Jim Salliman-Hataman, the province has embarked on an ambitious mission to eradicate loose firearms from private armed groups. This remarkable endeavor is made possible through the Small And Light Weapons (SALW) Program, a joint effort between the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Philippine National Police (PNP), and other government agencies.

The people of Basilan, united in their desire for peace and prosperity, have wholeheartedly supported this initiative. Local government units have worked tirelessly to ensure the program's success, while the residents of Basilan have rallied behind the cause. The spirit of unity and cooperation is palpable, as everyone understands the importance of disarming private armed groups to maintain stability and safety in their beloved island home.

The Kasanyangan Peace Monument in Sumisip, Basilan stands as a powerful symbol of hope and reconciliation, fostering unity and harmony among its diverse communities. (Photo by PIA Basilan)

In his visit to the province, as he witnessed the destruction of various firearms at Mahatallang, Sumisip, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. lauded the efforts of the local leaders, stakeholders, and the people for their successful efforts in attaining peace and development in the province.

“I recognized our public servants in the provincial government of Basilan, the Office of the Presidential Adviser, Peace, Reconciliation and Unity (OPAPRU), AFP,PNP and the community and religious leaders, including the volunteers, for going above and beyond their call of duty, and of course the political leaders and the governors here in the BARMM provinces who are joining us in this important event,” President Marcos expressed.

The SALW Program has yielded impressive results, catching the attention of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. The President, recognizing Basilan's unprecedented accomplishment in eradicating loose firearms, decided to visit Sumisip, Basilan, to witness the mass destruction of around 500 surrendered firearms firsthand.

As President Marcos Jr. arrived, he was greeted with warmth and gratitude by Gov. Salliman and the people of Basilan. The president's presence served as a testament to the nation's recognition of Basilan's remarkable achievements and the tireless efforts of everyone involved in the SALW Program.

“This is the kind of peace that drew strength from the free will of the people. Instead of commanding their religions by force, Basilan has arrived at that juncture of history because it refuses to continue to be a place of violence,” the president stressed.

The mass destruction of firearms was a symbolic and powerful moment for Basilan. As each weapon was destroyed, the people of Basilan felt a renewed sense of hope and optimism for their island's future. This significant milestone was not only a victory for Basilan but also a beacon of hope for other provinces facing similar challenges.

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr visited Basilan on March 02, 2024 for the “Panabang si Kasanyangan” (Assistance for Peace) which he witnessed the destruction of over 500 surrendered firearms as a result of the government efforts to promote peace and security in the province. (Photo by PIA Basilan)
Over 500 assorted firearms were destroyed during the Panabang si Kasanyangan program in Mahatallang, Sumisip, Basilan on March 02. (Photo by PIA Basilan)

The SALW Program's continued success is now being further supported and upgraded with the assistance of the Japanese government under their ASPIRE initiative. With this newfound international collaboration, Basilan's journey towards peace and security continues to gather momentum.

As the story of Basilan's remarkable transformation spreads, it serves as an inspiration for other regions grappling with similar issues. The unwavering dedication of Gov. Salliman-Hataman, the tireless efforts of the AFP, PNP, and other agencies, and the unwavering support of the Basileños have turned the province into a shining example of what can be achieved when a community comes together for the greater good.

“Our presence in today’s event reaffirms  that what was once a ground zero of war is now turned into the epicenter of peace. A province that was once tinted by violence and terrorism is now a zone of peace,” the president expressed, as he proudly appreciated Basilan. (EDT/NDR/PIA Basilan)

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