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Dapitan unveils P15M children’s park: A haven for play and community bonding

DAPITAN CITY (PIA) – Dapitan City inaugurated its much-anticipated P15 -million children’s park, nestled in the heart of Barangay Bagting, as a testament to its commitment to the well-being of its youngest citizens.

Mayor Seth Frederick “Bullet” Jalosjos, speaking at the March 4 unveiling ceremony, emphasized the park's significance in aligning with national and international directives, notably the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Children. He underscored the universal right of every child to play and have fun.

"This park serves as a haven, ensuring our children have a safe and cherished space to enjoy these fundamental experiences. It stands as a symbol of our unwavering dedication to the children of Dapitan," he said.

While still undergoing final touches, the park already offers a sprawling expanse for play and relaxation. Jalosjos remarked that the park is designed to “provide a dedicated environment for play, exploration, and learning."

In addition to recreational amenities, the establishment of food courts, catering to both locals and visitors with an array of delectable options is also included in the plan. Future enhancements will see the introduction of children's facilities such as play pens and a skating rink, further enriching the park's offerings. Jalosjos expressed pride in the project's progress, emphasizing the importance of community stewardship in preserving its integrity.

Jalosjos highlighted the symbolic importance of renaming the park to the Rizal-Blumentritt Friendship Park in honor of Dr. Jose Rizal's respected friend and advocate for children, Ferdinand Blumentritt, emphasizing its message of goodwill across borders.

"Dr. Jose Rizal, during his exile in Dapitan City, envisioned a nurturing community where children could flourish," Jalosjos reflected. "This park embodies that vision, providing a dedicated space for play, exploration, and learning."

Acknowledging the city's broader commitment to public safety, Jalosjos called upon Dapitanons to collaborate in upholding vigilance and fostering a culture of responsibility. 

He echoed Dr. Jose Rizal's timeless assertion, "The children are the hope of our motherland," emphasizing the collective responsibility to safeguard their future.

As Dapitan strives to become a beacon of heritage and innovation, the Children's Park stands as a testament to its vision—a harmonious blend of history and progress, enriching the lives of generations to come. (RVC/JPA/Dapitan City)

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