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BARMM Parliament proposes setting up breastfeeding facilities in all gov’t, private establishments

MARAWI CITY ― To create an enabling environment for breastfeeding mothers, several Bangsamoro lawmakers are pushing for a Parliament bill that aims to establish private areas for breastfeeding mothers in all government and private establishments across the region.

Parliament Bill No. 186, also known as the Bangsamoro Breastfeeding Facilities Act of 2023, seeks to encourage mothers to continue breastfeeding by ensuring they have a comfortable and safe space to nurse or express milk for their infants.

The bill, introduced by Member of the Parliament Amilbahar Mawallil, highlights the challenges faced by breastfeeding mothers who return to work after giving birth. Recognizing the importance of continued breastfeeding and the need for workplace support, the bill seeks to establish breastfeeding facilities in offices and establishments to aid working mothers.

MP Mawallil emphasized that providing such facilities will not only enable mothers to continue breastfeeding but also contribute to improved employee morale and job satisfaction.

The proposed legislation will set up a dedicated private area, equipped with comfortable seating, electrical outlets, a table or flat surface, and a sink for handwashing and equipment cleaning, in all government and private establishments in the Bangsamoro region.

According to the proposed legislation, these breastfeeding facilities will be located within the premises of the respective establishments to ensure accessibility and convenience for nursing mothers.

In addition to regular rest periods, breastfeeding employees will be granted a 30-minute lactation break to accommodate their breastfeeding needs.

MPs Atty. Rasol Mitmug Jr., Atty. Fahanie Uy-Oyod, Dr. Hashemi Dilangalen, and Hamid Malik are also principal authors of PB No. 186, underscoring the collective commitment of Bangsamoro lawmakers to support working mothers and encourage breastfeeding in the region.

If passed, this legislation will serve as a model for other regions to follow, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for working mothers throughout the country. (BTA Parliament/PIA-Lanao del Sur)

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