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OCA requires first, second-level courts utilize JePS

MANILA -- Effective July 1, 2023, pursuant to Office of the Cour Administrator (OCA) Circular No. 203-2023, all first- and second-level courts are required to utilize the Judiciary Electronic Payment Solution (JePS) for the payment of legal fees and other court collections, with certain exceptions and preferences, in accordance with the following guidelines:

Mandatory Use of JePS

JePS is mandatory for collections amounting to more than One Thousand Pesos (PhP 1,000.00) to Fifty Thousand Pesos (PhP 50,000.00).

Optional Use of JePS

• For collections amounting to One Thousand Pesos (PhP 1,000.00) and below, JePS remains as an optional, additional, but preferred
payment channel.

• For posting of cash bonds, together with the payment of bond fees, and payment of court fines, the use of JePS is optional, regardless of the amount.
• For collections amounting to more than Fifty Thousand Pesos (>PhP50,000.00), which cannot be paid through the Offices of the
Clerks of Court, JePs is optional.

Direct Bank Payment

Direct bank payment is allowed and follows the guidelines stated in OCA Circular No. 290-2022-A. Likewise, direct bank payment is allowed for transactions using checks regardless of the amount, or for those involving more than Fifty Thousand Pesos (>PhP 50,000.00) for the payment of legal fees and other court collections.

eCourt Case Management System (eCourt CMS) Court Stations:

For court stations under the eCourt Case Management System, the eCourt assessment and payment process shall be DISREGARDED in favor of JePS for the payment of legal fees and other court collections. For more information and guidance on the implementation of JePS, please refer to OCA Circular No. 203-2023 and OCA Circular No. 290-2022-A.

To access copies of the OCA Circulars, as well as other relevant documents about JePS, please visit the JePS Help Center:

To know how to use JePS, please check out this user-friendly step-by-step guide:

For any additional inquiries or concerns, please contact (SC)

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