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HIBLA BIDA: The 2023 National Fibercrops Summit

The Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority (PhilFIDA) is organizing this year's National Fibercrops Summit, on November 14, 2023, at the DA-BSWM Convention Hall, Elliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City. The summit, themed "HIBLA BIDA!!!," promises to be a significant milestone, focusing on priority fibercrops, including abaca, cotton, piña, salago, and silk.

At the core of this summit lies a central objective: addressing the multifaceted implementation challenges facing the fibercrop industry. These challenges encompass a wide spectrum of issues, including fiber quality, market demand, quality standards, and trade regulations. The event will be attended by government luminaries, industry visionaries, and experts who will collaboratively strategize, brainstorm innovations, and shape policies to invigorate our nation's fibercrop industry. The success of this gathering relies on the commitment and support of all stakeholders to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of our fibers.

Beyond these critical discussions, the summit serves as a platform to exhibit a diverse array of products derived from these priority fibercrops. This exhibition highlights the versatility and significance of these materials, aiming to generate interest and promote our local artisans from different regions across the country through the establishment of exhibition and retail areas in the Department of Agriculture's lobby.

Another key highlight of the summit is the Fashion Show, featuring Filipino designer Maria Fernandina "DITTA" R. Sandico, renowned for her use of abaca, cotton, and piña as materials to create exquisite pieces of clothing that epitomize Filipino artistry.

PhilFIDA's commitment to driving innovation, growth, and prosperity within the fibercrop sector is encapsulated by this year's theme, signifying the importance and centrality of fibercrops in the Philippines' economic and agricultural landscape. "HIBLA BIDA!!!" embodies the idea that these fibercrops not only intrinsic to the nation's heritage but also integral to its future economic viability, competitiveness, and sustainability. (DA- PhilFIDA)

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