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‘PBBM and his ‘Valentine’ First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos share tips on how to maintain a healthy, long-lasting relationship

MANILA -- They are not just the First Couple; they are “love gurus” as well.

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. and First Lady Louise “Liza” Araneta-Marcos sweetly and gamely shared their prowess as love experts in the recent “Valentine’s Day” vlog of the President where they also shared their secrets to a healthy relationship worth emulating by the younger generation.

In the nine-minute Valentine’s Day special vlog “Ask Us Anything” of President Marcos, with the First Lady as his special guest, they answered random questions from netizens and from the online community.

Asked on how President Marcos balances his time being a husband and the country’s chief executive, the President said that he always ensures to spend quality time with the First Lady despite their hectic schedules.

“Well, mahirap talaga ‘yung balanse dahil work takes up so much of our time. Well, hindi lang naman ako, pati si Liza marami talagang ginagawa. So, we try to find five minutes here, twenty minutes there, we eat together,” President Marcos said.

“Basta’t whatever the schedule allows, we take full advantage of it,” he added.

When asked if they still date, First Lady Liza said the President cooks for them at home and, if time permits, they have a “date night” every Wednesday where they dine in in a restaurant of their choice and “talk about funny things to lessen the stress.”

An eagle-eyed netizen also asked President Marcos about his favorite project of the First Lady.

President Marcos quickly responded, saying the “Lab for All” project of First Lady Liza is his favorite project as it is dedicated to the less fortunate, especially in the far-flung provinces where people cannot afford to undergo medical check-ups.

“Napakadali niyan. ’Yung kanyang ginagawa, ‘yung ‘Lab for All’ na nagdadala sila ng bus na kung saan-saan para may laboratoryo sa loob. Maybe you can best describe it – it’s a very, very good project,” President Marcos said.

Explaining the project, the First Lady said, “every Tuesday, we go to a different province and the mobile van is there, and all the different agencies like DOH, TESDA, the different government agencies. But more important the private sector, they go there three days before and they give medical services which is part of their CSR.”

The First Lady said she appreciates the dedication of the government agencies that put in a lot of time and effort into helping the less fortunate individuals get the medical services they need.

“It’s really nakakataba ng puso because some are wearing crutches,” she said.

The First Couple were not also spared from questions about their respective best qualities, their love language, and how they make up when they get into fights or arguments.

On the best quality of First Lady Araneta-Marcos, the President said that he likes how she takes cares of him and their sons Ilocos Norte Rep. Ferdinand Alexander, Joseph Simon and William Vincent.

“She really, really, really takes care of us – the family, ako, at ‘yung tatlo naming anak. And she – hindi papayag si Liza na may problema, aayusin niya kaagad at you always know that she has your back,” President Marcos said.

“Sweet,” she responded.

For President Marcos, the First Lady said what she likes about the chief executive is his kindness and selfless love and dedication to the Philippines and the Filipino people.

“I always tell people, for someone so intelligent, you’re so kind, Bong. So patient, so mabait, always sees the good qualities in people, not a mean soul in your body, and I know you love the country. And God, the thing you put up with, I don’t know how you do, but idol, idol,” the First Lady said.

“I’m so proud of you also,” she added.

For their love language, the First Couple said that it is always the quality and the laughter they share together especially at times when they need a short break from their hectic schedules.

“We just try – I suppose to be with each other as much as possible. And as I said earlier, snatch what little time there is in our – both our busy schedule to spend time with one another. It’s really time because it’s, of course, the most valuable thing of all,” President Marcos said.

The President added that keeping their sense of humor and seeing the lighter side of things are what make their relationship healthy. The First Lady said they do not allow stress to consume them.

“Don’t let stress get you … Laugh whenever you can, be grateful for what you have, and we’re all blessed one way or another, just be grateful. You’ll never be perfect but just be grateful,” the First Lady said.

“I suppose it’s just direct communication. Don’t communicate through your phone. Talk to each other face-to-face. Don’t bother with social media when it comes to relationships. Talk to each other face-to-face, hold hands, go have dinner, walk down the beach, do something, but don’t do it digitally,” the President added.

The First Couple also shared in jest that they don’t get into fights or arguments.

Before concluding the vlog, the President and the First Lady were asked about their “first kiss.”

“Wow, you’re talking 35 years ago, right?” the First Lady asked, adding that it was the President who kissed her first in New York. “Pumayag ka naman,” the President responded. “Patay na patay sa akin,” the First Lady quipped before breaking into laughter.

The First Couple considered the presidency as the most unforgettable adventure that they have done together.

“This is the biggest thing that I’ve been involved in. Being President and having Liza as First Lady. In very many ways it is an adventure and it’s something that a very few people have the privilege of experiencing. That is why it is also unforgettable,” President Marcos said.

President Marcos concluded his vlog by reminding about a “Bagong Pilipino” who is filled with love for his family and his family. (PND)

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