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PBBM to Filipinos in Australia: The nation is proud of you; vows to improve life, livelihood for every Filipino

MANILA -- President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. expressed gratitude on Monday to the Filipino community in Australia for significantly enhancing the Philippines’ image, which he said inspires his government to improve the life and livelihood of every Filipino.

“I am truly proud to be with hardworking, optimistic, and passionate Filipinos who have joined the diverse Australian society to live, to work, to study, to raise families, to contribute to the betterment of your adoptive communities,” President Marcos said during a meeting with the Filipino community in Melbourne Monday night.

He said the character of Filipinos have significantly improved the image of the Philippines in Australia. “The Filipino community’s efforts here have significantly enhanced the Philippines’ image in Australia. Your hard work, your talent, graciousness, your propensity to support those around you reflect the Filipino character,” he said.

For their efforts, the President said his government will do all it can to improve their lives and that of their families back in the Philippines.

“Kaya’t in return for all you have given us, this government is committed to improving life and livelihood for every Filipino wherever they may be. The Philippine economy now is thriving, marked by good growth, optimistic forecasts, record highs in employment, tourism, manufacturing,” he stressed.

With the active participation of all sectors of society, including overseas Filipinos, the government remains on track to achieving its agenda for social and economic transformation, Marcos said.

“And I continue to commend for your contribution to the country that nurtured you and provided the foundation for your success. Provide comfort and support for your fellow Filipinos, especially those aging in a foreign land,” he said.

“Embrace and celebrate your Filipino heritage, pass on this love for the Philippines to your children, to your grandchildren, to all the generation that follows. Teach them what the Philippine is and hopefully ‘yung Australia hindi naman malayo sa Pilipinas, iuwi n’yo muna sa Pilipinas para makita nila ang ibig n’yong sabihin,” the President said, inviting Filipinos in Australia to revisit their homeland and see for themselves Ang Bagong Pilipinas.

“Let us always remember that the adage that is true, that home is where the heart is. So cherish your Filipino identity because in that way you remain connected to us, to the Philippines, no matter where you are,” he noted.

The President also expressed optimism that despite the challenges posed by climate change, new technological frontiers, and sharpening geopolitical realities, the country will maintain good relations within ASEAN and forge partnership with like-minded countries such as Australia.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) census published in June 2022, the Filipino community in Greater Melbourne numbered 58,935 individuals, identified by having at least one parent born in the Philippines.

This places Filipinos as the fifth-largest nationality group in Victoria on country of origin. There are around 400,000 Filipinos living in Australia. (PND)

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