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PH to benefit from conducting war games with Australia—PBBM

MANILA -- The Philippines will benefit from conducting joint military drills with Australia not only for defense and security, but also for disaster preparedness and response, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. said on Wednesday.

The President however said the conduct of such exercises must depend on the situation on the ground and on mutual agreement between parties.

President Marcos made the comments during a media interview in Melbourne about the joint military drills with Australia, where he said the scheduling is really a risk and would “really depend upon the situation in the West Philippine Sea, whether or not the threat levels and the tension levels are increasing or decreasing.”

“And as to having yearly exercises, well, that’s probably something that we can discuss. But again, we will have to assess the situation at the time and if we need to continue these exercises, then I think we will be able to agree on that,” Marcos said, saying it should continue and should be encouraged because there are many benefits.

“This will benefit the Philippines because we are conducting these exercises so that we are able to work together with our foreign partners. And when I say work together, it is not only for defense and security, it is also for disaster preparedness, disaster assistance that they might bring should there be a disaster,” the President said in saying that the Philippines is being pummeled yearly by powerful typhoons that increase in intensity in recent years.

“So, there are many benefits for us and I think that it is something that we should continue and should encourage,” he added.

Marcos said previously that he wanted joint military drills with Australia to continue, with Canberra committing doing the exercises one every two years.

The President also said that although there is nothing to discuss about the country’s Visiting Forces Agreement or SOVFA with Australia, both sides are ready to amend or upgrade the agreement depending on the need.

Marcos said he and Australian leaders spoke about it.

“Dalawa lang ang bansa na mayroon tayong Visiting Forces Agreement, ang US at saka ang Australia,” Marcos told reporters. (PND)

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