Speech by President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. at the Inauguration of the North Luzon Expressway Connector Caloocan-España Section

  • Published on March 27, 2023
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Speech by President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. at the Inauguration of the North Luzon Expressway Connector Caloocan-España Section

Thank you very much to our Public Works and Highways Secretary Manny Bonoan. [Please take your seats.]

Our Transportation Secretary Jimmy Bautista and the other members of – we also have the Department of Finance Secretary, Secretary Ben Diokno here with us; our course our partner in this extremely important project, the Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation Chairman Manny V. Pangilinan; the North Luzon Expressway Corporation President Luigi Bautista; my fellow workers in government – nandito yata ang ating mga representante ng LGU and I see some of the local government officials from the other cities who have come to witness the opening of this extremely important connector; my fellow workers in government and clearly our partners in the private sector; distinguished guests; ladies and gentlemen.

Today, we are witnessing the inauguration  of another milestone government project in our  national infrastructure agenda. 

So we are all extremely happy to be with you all to launch  the newly constructed Caloocan-España Section  of the NLEX Connector. 

Together with the España-Magsaysay Section  of this connector—which is targeted for completion  in June this year—the Caloocan-España Section  will finally connect the NLEX with the SLEX. Gaano katagal na natin hinahantay ito. It just made too much sense and I think notwithstanding the pandemic, the MVP group has still managed to work their way through to bring us to where we are today.

This road project will form an integral part  of the Luzon Spine Expressway Network—which  in turn is a component of the Philippine High  Standard Highway Network. 

Once completed, this Connector shall provide  another alternate route that will reduce travel time  for our motorists. Nagtitinginan kami kanina noong sinabi Manila, Caloocan will be five minutes. Sa buong buhay natin never pa natin nakita ‘yung five minutes na galing Caloocan hanggang Maynila. Baka ‘yung ating pangarap ay matupad na.

The NLEX Connector will also contribute to the ease  of movement of cargo and goods from north  to south and vice versa, especially those coming  from the Port of Manila. 

It will provide great relief to the logistics sector  since there will be an alternative route for truckers  who wish to avoid the congestion in the main  roads within the metropolis. 

Ang tawag – this is referred to I think in other countries these are the surface roads kung tawagin. And so we will bypass all of those and the traffic that we all know, that we all suffer through in Metro Manila. Ito ay hindi na dadaan doon sa tinatawag nga na surface roads and we will be using the bridge flyovers for us to transport goods and passengers both to – coming from the port of Manila all the way to Caloocan.

This is indeed another achievement and undoubtedly  will significantly improve the mobility of people, of goods, and of services not only within Metro Manila but  also within its environs.

With the opening of this project, we sustain  and accelerate the momentum started by  the previous administration in terms of infra  development. 

We will continue and complete these projects  as efficiently as we can, crucial as they  are in achieving our national development goals. 

Under the “Build, Better, More” program, we will continue to push  for the interconnectivity of major roads  and expressways, as well as build even more roads  and bridges in strategic places within the  archipelago. 

At this juncture, I extend my sincerest gratitude  and congratulations to everyone both in the private sector, both in the – and in the local government, and of course, in the national government, to them I say my congratulations for having made this all possible.

Thank you to the NLEX Corporation and the Metro  Pacific Tollways Corporation for completing  this part of this project. 

We certainly need to recognize as well your continued efforts  in improving our country’s infrastructure systems  such as the proposals for the Candaba Viaduct  Renewal and Expansion, the Traffic Mobility  Program, and the Urban Ring Road. 

Remain please steadfast in your desire to assist  and to collaborate with the government in improving  the infrastructure landscape of the country. 

I would also like to acknowledge the efforts  of our officials and employees in the DOTr and the DPWH  and all its attached agencies who have played a very important and crucial role in the success of this project.

Let us keep up the good work. We have ways to go but we have made some good starts. Let us continue  our service to the public with integrity,  with accountability, and with professionalism. 

It is true that synergy between the government  and the private sector will always be a defining  factor in the overall development of the country. 

So once again, I call upon the DOTr and NLEX Corporation  to work closely and effectively in accomplishing  our noble objectives in improving the road  infrastructure on this side of the country. 

Try very hard, as we all do, to stay within the target timeframe – although your success rate in this regard is exemplary – avoid unnecessary  delays, and finish the project as scheduled, so that  the Filipino people will be able to reap the benefits  as soon as possible. 

Ultimately, the positive effects of this project  will speed up mobility and transactions, and will spur  economic productivity of the country.

High-impact infrastructure improvements,  visible and directly felt by our people, will be  credible proof that their government is indeed  effectively and tirelessly working for them and applying what we have come to call the whole-of-government, whole-of-nation approach. 

So we will not stop here. We will continue  to develop a highly interconnected road network  that will facilitate our country's rapid, inclusive,  and sustained economic growth. 

Once again, congratulations to all who have  made this project possible. 

Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat at magandang umaga po sa inyong lahat. [applause]

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Watch here:  Inauguration of the North Luzon Expressway Connector Caloocan-España Section

Location: Caloocan Interchange Connector Road, Caloocan City and España Interchange Connector Road, Manila

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