DG Jose Torres Jr.'s speech during the Pre-SONA Caravan in Sorsogon

  • Published on June 05, 2023
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DG Jose Torres Jr.'s speech during the Pre-SONA Caravan in Sorsogon

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good afternoon!

I am deeply honored to be here today to witness the remarkable developments that have taken place in your beloved region under the leadership of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

This pre-SONA Caravan, with the slogan "Nagkaka1sang Bumabangon," is a testament to the progress and innovative accomplishments achieved by our local governments.

I am excited to witness the transformation of Matnog from a congested port into a thriving transportation hub. This phenomenal progress not only boosts the region's appeal to local, national, and international investors but also opens up opportunities for growth and prosperity.

We must also acknowledge the significant milestone of the Bicol International Airport in Albay, a testament to the vision of this administration. With the potential commencement of international flights, the airport will surely contribute to the exponential growth of tourism, creating a gateway to our beautiful region for travelers from all over the world.

These achievements represent just a fraction of the comprehensive initiatives under the Marcos administration. Our unwavering commitment to progress, backed by the collective efforts of our dedicated officials, will undeniably yield tangible benefits for the region and its people.

We at the Philippine Information Agency commit to the crucial role in disseminating relevant and timely information about these programs and services. We will continue to ensure that the successes and impact of these initiatives reach every corner of the country, empowering our citizens with knowledge and opportunity.

Today's event offers us a broader perspective on President Marcos’ upcoming State of the Nation Address, providing an opportunity for all of us to witness and experience the profound impact of government programs that prioritize the upliftment of our citizens' lives.

Under the leadership of President Marcos, Region 5 has experienced an era of transformative change.

I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the officials of the region for their clear vision and unwavering dedication. Through your tireless efforts and commitment to public service, you have paved the way for a brighter future for our people, deserving our wholehearted appreciation.

We have witnessed remarkable strides in various sectors that have contributed to the welfare of our citizens. The infrastructure development projects have not only enhanced connectivity within the region but have also strengthened our ties with the rest of the country.

Strategic policies and programs have stimulated the growth of local industries, attracting investments and creating countless employment opportunities for our people. The economic landscape of our region is transforming, empowering our communities and laying the foundation for a prosperous future.

None of these achievements would have been possible without the support and cooperation of the people of Region 5. It is your resilience, perseverance, and determination that have propelled us to these milestones. Your active participation in community development initiatives and your unwavering commitment to building a stronger and more prosperous region have been the driving force behind these accomplishments.

As we celebrate the first anniversary of the administration of President Marcos, let us remember that progress is a collective endeavor. Let us continue to work hand in hand, transcending political affiliations and differences, to ensure that our region thrives and prospers. Together, we can build on the solid foundation that has been laid and create a future that is even brighter, more inclusive, and more prosperous for all.

Once again, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the officials of Region 5 for their outstanding achievements in the first year of the administration of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. May your continued dedication inspire us all to strive for greatness and work towards the betterment of the region and the country.

Thank you, and may the progress achieved under the Marcos administration serve as a lasting inspiration for generations to come.

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