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Mindanao road projects pave the path to ignite development

IPIL, ZAMBOANGA SIBUGAY, July 21 (PIA) - In the verdant landscapes of Mindanao, a triumphant symphony of progress emerges as the Improving Growth Corridors in Mindanao Road Sector Project (IGCMRSP) reaches its pinnacle. Amidst the sprawling provinces of Zamboanga Sibugay and Zamboanga del Norte, the Alicia-Malangas Road, Lutiman-Guicam-Olutanga Road, and Tampilisan-Sandayong Road stand as testaments to the transformative power of infrastructure development.

As the road opens to commuters, the nation eagerly anticipates the benefits of this critical project unveils. The Alicia-Malangas Road, spanning 23.73 kilometers and adorned with eight bridges, is set to open the doors of connectivity, fostering cohesion within communities. In tandem, the 29.70-kilometer Lutiman-Guicam-Olutanga Road solidifies its place in history, serving as a conduit for progress, while the 15.35-kilometer Tampilisan-Sandayong Road, gracefully adorned with three bridges, stands poised to unite distant regions.

The three  core road  projects

Under the watchful eye of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Undersecretary Emil Sadain, the Unified Project Management Office Operations orchestrated this feat with unwavering dedication. Emphasizing the roads' role in bolstering rural connectivity, Sadain reiterated their profound impact on poverty alleviation, reinforcing the foundation of a stronger nation.

The completion of the Guicam Bridge emerges as yet another triumph, serving as a lifeline between Barangay Guicam in Alicia and Barangay Hula-Hula in Mabuhay, Zamboanga Sibugay. Aligned strategically with the Lutiman-Guicam-Olutanga Road, the bridge offers passage to Olutanga Island, bridging communities with newfound ease.

The P25 billion ADB loan 

Leveraging a loan agreement between the Philippines and the esteemed Asian Development Bank, the PHP25.26-billion Improving Growth Corridors in Mindanao Road Sector Project (IGCMRSP) assumes its mantle as a catalyst for economic development and an agent of peace and harmony. Across the region, the comprehensive project spans seven road sub-projects, encompassing a grand total of 230.22 kilometers. At the forefront of this array stands the revered 540-meter Guicam Bridge, accompanied by three other bridges stretching 1.79 kilometers in Tawi-Tawi.

Beyond their infrastructural significance, these projects breathe life into rural communities, serving as harbingers of hope amid the backdrop of the pandemic. A testament to the human spirit, these roads beckon wanderers back to their roots, ushering in a grand-scale reverse migration to the warm embrace of the countryside. Amidst the shadows of uncertainty, they illuminate a path towards employment opportunities and much-needed financial stability.

Mindanao Development Corridors Strategy

The Mindanao Development Corridors Strategy emerges as a cornerstone of progress, championing an integrated and globally competitive Mindanao. As growth centers harmonize and developing regions align with the broader clusters, the promise of ports, airports, roads, and bridges lay the groundwork for a unified tomorrow.

Peering into the future, the IGCMRSP embarks on a noble mission, improving approximately 280 kilometers of national primary, secondary, and tertiary roads in Mindanao. Boasting a repertoire of road enhancements, from paved earth roads to surface overlays and reinforced bridges, the projects leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of resilience against climate change.

It is amidst the tapestry of Mindanao's diverse landscapes that the heart of progress beats strongest. The IGCMRSP lends a guiding hand, fortifying economic and physical linkages within the region. This bountiful land, rich in promise, is set to burgeon into an emblem of prosperity, bolstered by the Department of Public Works and Highways' institutional prowess.

As the final pages of the IGCMRSP's chapter is in the stage of completion, it leaves an indelible mark on Mindanao's narrative -- one etched with ambition, connectivity, and hope. A land united, marching hand in hand, towards a future steeped in growth, progress, and newfound unity. As the nation beholds these triumphant roads, it gazes upon the dawn of a brighter era for Mindanao -- an era adorned with the promise of prosperity and development for generations to come. (RVC/JPA/ PIA Sibugay)

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