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Celebration of colors: Experience Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2023

Explore the enchanting blend of history, culture, and the harmonious coexistence of tradition and modernity during the month-long celebration of Hermosa Festival in Zamboanga City.

For those in search of vibrant, joyous festivities, gather your friends and family and be part of the spectacular Hermosa Festival organized by the City Government of Zamboanga.

Zamboanga City, often referred to as “Asia’s Latin City,” has long been celebrated for its diverse culture, harmoniously blending indigenous traditions with Spanish and Muslim influences. This unique fusion of cultures is showcased in all its glory during the month-long celebration of the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival.

The festival is a homage to Our Lady of the Pillar, the patroness of Zamboanga City. Legend has it that she protected the city during tumultuous times, becoming a symbol of hope and resilience for its people. The festival's name, "hermosa," is Spanish for beautiful, a fitting description for both the festival and the city itself. 

Photo during the street dance competition of 2022 Zamboanga Hermosa Festival.

This year’s Zamboanga Hermosa event will have an interesting twist where the Universidad de Zamboanga has partnered with the City Government of Zamboanga to celebrate their 75th anniversary alongside the Hermosa Festival. The opening salvo of the Hermosa Festival on October 1, 2023, will also mark the beginning of the celebration of the Universidad de Zamboanga’s Anniversary. 

“Zamboanga Hermosa Festival is one way to promote the best of what we have in Zamboanga City,” City Tourism Officer Sarita Sebastian-Hernandez emphasized.

Some of the most anticipated events in the festivities will be the Regatta de Zamboanga, Mascotta, Street Dance Competition, and the return for its second year, the Badju Fashion Show and Competition, highlighting the local designers. The city prepared more than 70 activities, with eight major events and 64 minor events, that will be conducted from October 1 to 15.

Further, while enjoying the festivities, the local authorities will implement restrictions in certain areas during major events of Zamboanga Hermosa Festival. The City Tourism Office ensures the security and safety of participants in the month-long celebration. 

However, being prepared is essential to enjoying the activities. Wearing a comfortable and breathable outfit is a must as you engage yourself with the friendly crowd, fully charge your camera and prepare yourself for the heat. Join the Celebration of Colors, immerse yourself in the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2023, and be captivated by the beauty and spirit of this remarkable city. (RVC/MLE/JQB-GIP/PIA9-Zamboanga City.)

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Myra Cel Espinosa

Information Officer III

Region 9

Myra Espinosa is an Information Officer of the Philippine Information Agency Region IX.  She writes news and feature stories for the agency's website and social media platforms. She is currently the program host of Kapihan na Zamboanga Public Briefing, as well as a news contributor for PTV News. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration Major in Organization and Management from Western Mindanao State University.

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