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PSA starts coordination for agri-fisheries census  

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, June 8 (PIA) -- For the government to obtain new data which it can objectively base its plans on for the country’s development, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) will embark on another large-scale government undertaking in its Census of Agriculture and Fisheries (CAF) this September 2023.

During the recent Provincial Statistics Council meeting held at the BODARE Conference Hall, PSA Bohol Provincial Statistician Jessamyne Anne Alcarazen said the activity, which is conducted once every ten years, was last undertaken in 2013 using 2012 as reference period.

Alcarazen also asked for inter-agency support to the PSA and its field enumerators for the nationwide undertaking.

The census is geared towards the collection and compilation of basic information on the agricultural and fishery sectors in the country, according to Alcazaren.

It aims to determine the structural characteristics of agriculture and fisheries, provide the sampling frame for the conduct of periodic agricultural and fishery surveys and other related statistical undertaking, gather data for use in national as well as subnational development planning and provide the basic data on agricultural and fisheries facilities and services, said PSA Bohol Statistical Specialist Blesila Paredes.

In the conduct of the survey, its target respondents are households where all households in the sample barangay would be listed and all households with at least one operator would be enumerated.

Incumbent barangay officials would also be interviewed on the presence of services and facilities as well as fisheries operations and then all establishments and organizations are also listed respondent in the non-household category.

These are business establishments, cooperatives, associations, universities, institutions, national government agencies, government owned and controlled corporations, local government units and international organizations. 

These non-household respondents with crop farm, livestock and poultry farm, aquafarm and fishing operations would also be interviewed.

The magnitude of the undertaking also demands census personnel, with 288 who would serve as field enumerators, information systems analysts, assistant statisticians, clerks, accounting clerks, 20 census area supervisors, 20 assistant area supervisors and 58 team supervisors, Paredes said.

As to data processing, PSA would also hire one data processing supervisor and 38 data processors.

The PSA said the assistance and support from government agencies, government-owned and controlled corporations, and local government units can be instrumental in this year’s census success.

The PSA through the InterAgency Committee on Agriculture and Fishery Statistics has obtained resolution endorsements enjoining national government agencies to provide assistance for the conduct of the CAF. (RAHC/PIA-7 Bohol)

Provincial Plannint and Development Officer Atty. John Titus Vistal presides over the Provincial Statistics Council and emphasizes the need for data to support government planning. Truth and honesty in surveys always produce good data. (PIA Bohol)

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