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DTI celebrates CWM, highlights consumer rights

MISAMIS ORIENTAL (PIA)--Under Presidential Proclamation No. 1098, signed by the then-late President Fidel V. Ramos, the country celebrates Consumer Welfare Month every October.

This year, the Department of Trade and Industry Misamis Oriental Provincial Office (DTI MisOr) joins the nation in celebrating Consumer Welfare Month under the theme “GenS: Generation Sustainability,” which focuses on responsible consumption and production and to reinforce the need for consumers to practice the seven sustainability measures.

“The celebration of Consumer Welfare Month is the promotion of sound information to the consumer because this can somehow shape behavior and consumerism,” DTI Misamis Oriental Senior Trade and Industry Development Specialist Engr. Angelo Devero said.

He further said that the celebration encourages dialogue among consumers, business sectors, and concerned government agencies that can pave the way for strengthening measures in consumer protection and welfare. 

On consumer rights 

In celebration of Consumer Welfare Month, Devero clarified that the adage "The customer is always right" is no longer applicable. Instead, consumers should remember that they have eight rights and five responsibilities.

The eight consumer rights are Basic needs, Safety, Information, Choice, Representation, Redress, Consumer education, and a Healthy environment. 

Meanwhile, the five consumer responsibilities are Critical awareness, Action, Social concern Environmental awareness, and Solidarity.

In terms of complaints, the agency discourages consumers from ranting on social media when they experience unsatisfactory services or purchase defective items. 

The advice is for consumers to revisit business establishments and address their concerns with the consumer welfare desk or the manager. Moreover, the DTI office can also receive complaints. 

“Naay proseso sa consumer complaints, atong dawaton ang complaints and i-evaluate. (We have a process for consumer complaints, we will receive the complaints and have it evaluated). 

It then undergoes a mediation process, during which we inform both parties. In this mediation process, DTI does not provide a final decision. Our role is to facilitate and allow both parties the opportunity to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution, as mandated by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of 2004," he explained.

If both parties do not settle during mediation, DTI or other legal venues will escalate the case to the adjudication section.

Only at this stage can DTI issue its decision based on the presented facts and evidence. If the decision favors the consumer, DTI may require the business to repair, refund, or replace the defective items.

For a consumer to better protect themselves from fraudulent or anomalous transactions, DTI urges consumers to read or participate in any seminars or symposiums that discuss consumer rights and responsibilities or consumer protection. (JAKA/PIA10)

DTI Misamis Oriental Senior Trade and Industry Development Specialist Engr. Angelo Devero shares that the quote "Customer is always right" is not applicable. He clarified that consumers have eight consumer rights and five consumer responsibilities. (DCC/PIA10)

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