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4 elite runners clock sub 2 in 'Tikang Sa Inabanga Backyard Half Marathon Trail' in Bohol

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, June 19, (PIA) -- Four male elite runners clocked sub 2 hours in the 21-kilometer trail run that parted cogon grasses which sometimes obscure the trails in the Tikang Sa Inabanga Backyard Half Marathon Trail and 5-kilometer Fun Run which wound around Datag and Liloan Norte, in Inabanga, Bohol on June 18.

Elite Cebuano runners Ariel Saballa with bib 2127, and Eduardo Delmida (2130) played a strategy that held the competition at bay as they heaped a considerable lead in the 21 kilometer winding trails that resemble a mini The Alicia Panoramic Park (TAPP) to emerge first and second in the podium.

Saballa clocked in a 1:44:31 for the 21 kilometers of clambering ascents and nail-killing descents while Delmida came in close at 1:49:27 while Boholanos James Palma of Loon, a Spectrum Runner, wearing 2136, and Candelario Logronio of Bohol Trail Masters in bib 2137, burst into the finish line third and fourth, in still commendable pace at 1:54:08 and 1:55:19.

In the fifth and sixth places were Lobocanons Jimboy Tuba (2112) and Eric John Romero (2143) crossing the finish line on top of the ridge at 2:45:11 and 2:47:40, where a group of runners welcomed them with motivating applause.

Placing 7th was Jan Louise Rebosura (3113) finishing at 2:51:34 followed by Abner Cañas of Mindanao, on bib 2115 at 2:54:53.

Bohol trail scout and TAPP trails consultant Engr. Richard Anania (2140) placed 9th, finishing at 2:58:20 and then another Boholano Melvin Soldia (2116) clocking in at 2:58:34.

In the distaff, Cebuano trail rangers Asia Paraase (2144) broke the tape after 2:30:03 followed by Boholana April Joy Alampayan (2129) at 2:37:10, coming in 5th and 6th over-all in the trails that are already gaining the notoriety as one of the more seemingly in-conquerable in the region.

Another Cebuana, Jeanly Mata (2132) picked the third podium spot after strenuous 2:50:54 in the trails, on her heels was Boholana Chelsea Dagdayan (2131) crossing the line 2:54:03.

Also on Dagdayan’s trail was Maribel Suarez (2134) who finished at 2:58:03 with Cebuana Icy Baldos (2145) on sixth spot.

Catigbian runner Anabele Angcahan (2142) struggled towards the last 100 meters of uphill top the finish line finishing at 3:02:32 knowing that Solida Opalla, (2120) Cebuana was a burst at her back. Opalla timed in at 3:04:09.

On the 9th place was Vina Soldia (2117) and Jovelyn Requinto (2128) at 3:24:24 and 3:28:03 in the tenth place.

Inabanga Mayor Jose Jono Jumamoy, who helped map the trails and prepared the trail markers, said they would eventually designate the special park in the race course as an established sports tourism designated park and would hold regular activities including camps, trail competitions in various formats like endure mountain bike downhill competition, motocross events and trails for hobbyists needing a place for challenging warn ups and physical body conditioning venues.   

Meanwhile, in the 5-kilometer fun run, Bohol track star Angengie Encinada, in bib 506, finished the downhill and ascent past the highway turnabout in 18:12 seconds with Michael Ucab, (513) at his heels finishing in 18:50 and RS Baquio (517) completing the podium at 20:21.

Coming in 4th was Jonel Lamorte (504) clocking in at 22:36 and Jake Echavez (510) at 27:02 came in 5th. Mark Vernille Bendong (522) and Don Rich Bucay (505) arrived at the finish line at 32:48 and 37:50 respectively, for sixth and seventh.

In the 8th place was 508 Reishi Boy Polan who finished at 34:45 and then, it was Exekiel James Canastra at 55:13.

In the womens’ category, Joan Lim (518) crossed the line first at 24:09, followed by KC Baldos (516) at 25:25 and Ysamel Baldos (515) at 25:37 to completely occupy the podium.

On 4th place was 512 Anika Austral, finishing at 26:44, 5th place was Shena Angcahan (514) at 29:47 and 6th at 35:32 was 523 Edelyn Jawa.

On 7th place was Maria Preciosa Matunan (502) stepping past the line at 37:51, 8th was Mariez Doblin (503) at 43:43, 9th place was Joana Lonod (511) 56:38 and Joan Jomigop (504) at 56:39 on 10th. (RAHC/PIA-7 Bohol)

Inabanga Mayor Jose Jono Jumamoy poses with the Tikang sa Inabanga 2023 winners as the town envisions an extreme adventure venue at the mountains of Datag and Liloan Norte. (PIA Bohol)

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